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  1. Hey welcome back to you as well!!!!! Thank you!! So far so good, let's hope it keeps that way
  2. thank you! I'm hoping to try DyB out god I love her promo outfit plus GA was always super fun to me as well
  3. thank u ! I was trying to make a signature and it's like "u need 500 posts" and I'm like p l e as e I already did that yrs ago
  4. the forums deleted all my stuff so this looks like a new-ish acc reeee hi! I'm Miki/Kale, an OLD ass Elsword player (think pre-Chung release NA lmao,,,,,) and uhhhh not rly new to Void, started in 2015, quit 2016, kinda back now. Former Eve main on NA since the start but my keyboard SUCKS now and I cant spring step so I'm big fuckign sad playing Ara and Rena now! Devi and WS/maybe NW player bc I love PvP (even if this server might have a little lag) and I kinda want to rly focus on that I'm kinda shy but if u ever wanna talk just dm me I'll try my best to reply! also code empress pre-summon update for PvP was best change my mind