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  1. so, sup? im not really well known at all other than for getting into fights but, yeah hi, my names ave, im 16, a junior, and im really fucking tired of void elswad. so like, before you fucking crucify me, for insulting your 2d waifus and the shit franchise they belong to, listen to what i have to say ok. the reason im leaving is because void has been failing for a very very very veeeery long time in my eyes and the newest debacle just affirmed my belief that, yeah, i should probably focus on school instead of watching people sexualize fictional characters and argue over shit that doesnt really matter in the long run. ive seen this game start from something that was new and fresh and innovating into, whatever the fuck this hot fucking mess is. now, about all the shit thats happened recently, specifically, the rollback. i was never rich in this game so i wasnt really horribly affected by it but even as one of the many poor fuckers at the bottom of the economic ladder that is elsword i knew that the rollback did absolutely nothing to actually help the economy and just punished players who actually worked for their items. but i dont want this thread to get fucking sniped in 3 seconds so im not gonna go further past that. also keep in mind this is my opinion on the situation. if you wanna keep defending the staff till your last breath then by all means pal. but anyway, yeah, basically the state void has put itself in is terrible and i have no real drive to play a mess of a game being directed by people who dont have their shit together. on a lighter note! a quick shout-out to people who are very cool and very dear to me! ill keep this in a spoiler since not everyone wants to see me gush about my very limited supply of Buddy Pals™️ to those i didnt mention; well first of all i probably dont know you and if i do its probably bc i didnt know whether or not you would fucking smite me for pinging you so,,,,,,, yeah. also, i wont be leaving the forum. theres still people i can only specifically contact through here so ill probably be active for a while, no guarantees though. other than that, im done with both void and elsword in general. take care guys, also side note stop sexualizing lu good god people.
  2. Bon voyage, everyone.

    cya dude, your not the first one to be leaving due to voids shitstorm, but i digress, i hope you have a good time in na and with whatever your going to continue doing with your life
  3. watches void burn while sipping a martini, as they say in norway, God farvel Void Elsword

  4. takin' a break dudes.

    GOD ME FUCKIGN ME BIG FUCKIN MOOD. of course i would be more brash about why i left like how the game is stale and the fact that certain dungeons arent gonna be introduced soley for selfish reasons but im not u but u better bet ur ass im gonna kick u in the fuckin shin for getting to 70 while im still 67. no but fucking really are they serious with this shit? like how the fuck are you gonna take away a dungeon most of the community has been wanting for quite a while for selfish reasons like that? it really shows how far down the voids staff have actually gone
  5. New rotation and talk

    this rotation fucking sucks
  6. i just found out we arent getting the maid/butler dungeon and the only reason that was given was 'i dont like it' hey, pal, we dont give half a shit what you dont like. it isnt your job to deny something a good amount of people want simply because of your own tastes. i would understand if it had to do with technical issues, but this is just being a selfish prick and having your head so far up your own ass you can see your esophagus.

  7. o/ I'm Univerce

    sup dude! welcome to void!
  8. Leaving, Farewell.

    im glad your leaving the game to get your life together, and im sorry about all the connections you lost, but i would take it as a chance to establish new, stronger connections. other than that i hope you have a good life outside of shitsword, cya dude take care
  9. slaps my knee while laughin, time for the fuckin PURGE

  10. Tl;dr: Add back Ice Crystals.

    off topic as hell but damn s/o to the fuckers who keep riding the staffs dicks and repeating themselves uselessly instead of providing good points that can actually be discussed
  11. Tl;dr: Add back Ice Crystals.

    yo yo yo yo yo yo yo +1 homie hella rad
  12. you didnt tell me what bromance means and im scared to look it up and now im just staring into space like 'what the fuck'

    1. Help~


      1. a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.
    2. Ave


      oh thanks i thought it was like two dudes being like 'dude,,,,,,,, bro,,,,,,, full homo,,,,,,,, bro,,,, homie,,,,,,,,,, id suck ur dick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'

    3. Help~



  13. bites off my mc fuckin finger like mmmmmm worry mode time to die

  14. Quitting Void

    hi!!! and bye!!! this is basically what i did for a while too lma o,,,,,, but anyway i hope you have fun on the forums now that you quit this shitty game!!