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  1. Dood, I will really miss you, we spent a lot of time together, I won't forget those moments, hope You can pass this exam, and join the military forces for real. Maybe sometimes, in the future, we may talk again, like good old friends. Sincerely, your lolicon friendo. @TheLuiz
  2. IGN:Acidia Age(optional): 18 Timezone:+0 GMT Country: (optional): Italy Main/alts: (optional):Feltro About yourself: Just a normal lolicon guy who has re-joined the community a few moments ago after 5 months of inactivity. Is gingerbread Eve your lord and saviour?: Maybe I'm looking forward to join this guild!
  3. Ehy-yo my friend, yeah surely long time we don't talk
  4. Uhm, I saw a post by the GM, sayin' that now you will track logs and can investigate further hackers.. so It's better than before or so right? one reason why I left the game was for hackers, 60% of the time spent on PvPHackers ruining the experience.. Btw thanks for the welcome back !
  5. Hello everyone! Acidia here, I gave up on this game due to some health troubles, hackers, and flame (rip).. but I'm finally better, and ready to restart my nerding nights with you all :D- I also saw there are really a lot of updates, and someone told me there are no more hackers or so.. guess it's finally like good old times(?) Hope to keep up with these updates... oh and looking for some guild.. I may need one XD. Byebye-!!
  6. I don't know if it goes now, I'm still downloading z.z
  7. What do you mean by broken?
  8. Saw the new update for Ain.. so I'm downloading agian the game.. well I don't know how much I will stay.. Hello to everyone
  9. Like what? Is this your first time playing this game or something?
  10. Just run a normal guild, make it level 15, kick all your guildies away. Done.
  11. Irony is my bread.
  12. Just play Apostasia
  13. Just make a thread in "Rulebreakers" Section. Show them proofs and it's all gud. Oh yeah that's right. and I'm donald trump-chan
  14. Oh so now you know that guy with 2 messages(both in this topic) funny.. really lmao. Just stop talking ... you're gonna kill me .