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  1. welcome to void! enjoy ya stay my homie
  2. Name/Nickname: Alex or Marz IGN: EnstarClass: Erbluhen EmotionMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild: N/AGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): the trashy void els gear because i'm still too lazy to get good gear yet.Timezone: ESTAbout you (optional): i'm marz and i like anime rap boysWhy did you decide to join this Guild?: well i need to make more friends somehow and this guild sounds fun
  3. i ended up getting back into void after i accidentally stumbled upon elsword videos on yt and i just thought "maybe i should play void again" > inb4 i leave for 5 months again and never come back anyways im marz and im 13. surprisingly im turning 14 soon so i guess that's cool. i main ain and as you can see from my sig i have no shame in that whatsoever i don't play as much as i used to because of online school and etc. but im gonna actually try and put effort into this game >> effort i don't plan on making this long so uh hi im back i guess
  4. you're,,,, into hello charlotte,,,,

    holy fuck

    1. Dangeki


      And also Lumine~ 

  5. bye or something idk i barely even play this game anymore so yeah peace im just moving to BSW i'll still be on the forums or whatever idk
  6. marz


    IGN:RetronomeClass:Void PrincessZodiac Sign:CapricornWhy you'd like to join:This seems like a cool guild! I've very antisocial and would like to join because I would love to get to know people!Tell us a little bit about yourself:I'm a 12 year old (laugh at me i know), very funny and pretty much a energetic person if you want to hang with me be noted that i have anxiety and i'll start to get nervous so if i take long to reply if you message me that's why no worries. I like alot of music (except for rap ew.) i'm not easily butt hurt but i get very sensitive sometimes and can get sad easily.well uh that was my introduction i guess nice to meet you guys.
  7. hi um im back and changed my name i used to be called Neppu but uh i changed it to ecchi cause why not lmaoooooOoOoOo uh hi yes im back sorry im very awkward and have very bad anxiety imgonnagootakemymedsgoodbyE also uh im very inactive but since im on break im probably gonna be on for a long ass while okay bye


    maybe not perma but for a good little bit

  9. marz

    I give up

    The exit door is over there buddy.
  10. how long have I been dead jesus christ

  11. im mad my computer crashed for the 10th time playing void
  12. opens 1.8 computer crashes gets back on 1.8
  13. because void wants to make us pay for our sins