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  1. You can also get seals on board. Depending on the rarity of the item you need to seal you'll have to get: Normal rarity: White poru seal (normally 5m to 10m on board) Rare rarity: Yellow poru seal (like 100k on board) (there's not much stuff you can seal with these ones so nobody uses them, at least in void server) Elite rarity: Purple poru seal (normally around 5m to 20m on board) Unique rarity: Gold poru seal (normally around 50m to 70m on board) You use them by right clicking the seal in your "special" inventory tab and then clicking the item you want to seal. Also, be sure that the item you want to seal still has enough sealing times before buying the seal. Otherwise you won't be able to seal it. (It's written in red letters on then top of the item description.) Hope this is useful to you!
  2. this is literally the cutest ara pic ever omg

    1. Demoncy


      omg, thank you!

  3. Also: PC> is price check B/O is buy-out C/O is current offer R> is recruiting Hope this is useful too ^^
  4. It's been already fixed, thanks!
  5. Big +1 for the tradable part and everything else. Don't have time to play anymore but always wanted this sit pose so badly... (Plus my potato laptop can't handle the lag even if I had time)
  7. Oh, you're so sweet reminding it c: I was so poor I didn't lost anything tho...
  8. There's just still enough time to grind for it, imo. Plus, I'm already getting bored ;-;
  9. Translation: Is it possible for this items to be tradable? No sabría decirte, aunque no es es mala idea, porque a pesar de que puedes obtener la banca compartida por quests, las expansiones no las consigues si no cargas EC. PD: Por favor, escribe en inglés ^^ Aaaand, thats actually not a bad idea, I guess. You can already get shared bank through quests, but not the expansions. I'd like it. Bank expansions are not
  10. lol still made it to sell a selfie pose today...
  11. I see them pointing backwards... But I see your point of view, just imagine them pointing to the sign.
  12. The supreme formula to get drunk. OT: It seems like I'll have to stop seeing the light of the sun for a while to farm those RNG cubes... But I'm already loving this event!
  13. I got my first drop around 90 runs. The second one around 250 runs Third one was around 400 runs. And the fourth one... Dropped at run 667 but I didn't took it because I was too close from the 777 runs achievement. (It hurts a lot when you watch it vanish </3 )
  14. Have you already apologized directly to those who you harmed? Maybe it won't make you feel "less guilty" because harm is already done, but you can help them to feel a bit better by letting them know you're sorry about it. That might help you to change pages and start again. Don't get stuck in the past, that's the worst thing you could do. Anyways, wish you good luck on your new journey! IGN: Mouka What items do you want?: May I get lethal charming cupid wreath? (last image, the last row) Reason: I just want it so badly. >_<
  15. do not intone this to suggest something is a complete waste of time if only respond to no, could not, simpleme no why is this server like this because there are many things to improve but since it does not generate money they do not

    1. Demoncy


      Supongo que aquí si puedes hablar en español, es mi perfil...

      Primero, en mi perfil solamente unos cuántos y yo podemos ver lo que posteaste aquí.

      Segundo, sé que hay muchas cosas para mejorarse, e incluso fíjate que el Void hacía uso de las voces en japonés en sus inicios, pero debido a que recibimos las actualizaciones directamente del NA, se vuelve un problema implementar las voces japonesas nuevamente.

      Tercero, si se ha intentado volver a implementarlas, pero trae problemas. Y el tema de las voces no es el único problema con el que deben lidiar los GMs, hay muchas cosas en las que trabajan al mismo tiempo, y considerando que son muy pocos, no queda de otra más que dejar ese proyecto de lado.

      Y cuarto, hay muchas sugerencias en cola para mejorar al void, y lleva tiempo reunir los votos y opiniones de las demás personas para que finalmente llegue un miembro del Staff y decida si se puede implementar la sugerencia o si la rechazan. Así que no están simplemente ignorando la tuya.

      Espero comprendas la situación.

    2. ericktumbaco


      aah ok por ay ay que comenzar con decirme no imposible me hace pensar q no hacen nada me disculpo por lo que dije hace un momento y si no puede poner la voces por que no dejar  q los usuarios mismo pueda sustituir la voces y que eso de acabo q mucha personas ponga pack de de voces y eso trae consigo buenas impresiones del servidor .