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  1. Dechart

    QUITTING|Huge NewYear's Eve Giveaway

    Any IB/IM for Ara or Eve IGN: SimJang // Ewh Happy New Years ♥
  2. Go listen Peek-A-Boo! ( ಠ◡ಠ ) ♥

  3. Dechart

    [Event] ITS CHRIMAH

    OMG CS & GP, I love it ♥ +1 Be real, be real ;-;
  4. Whenever you're ready to buy it, i'll sell to you~

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    2. Dechart


      K, 25 minutes e-e' sorry, but i'm On now

    3. Grayer


      Ok let me log on


    4. Dechart


      I'm in Altera 4 ~

  5. Dechart

    Simple Event "Fix" (Cringe-O-Ween)

    +1 Just Because this event was supposed to be FUN boring.
  6. ♥ Loving Sangwoo ♥

  7. YAY, Finally i can play! >_< ♥

  8. Why'd you post your fucking problem in my thread??

    1. Dechart


      geez, just wanted to inform, sometimes it could be the same problem, sorry?!

    2. Asilea


      Sorry I was just pissed cause none of the *moderators* provided support or form the staff in general.

    3. Dechart


      It's okay, I know how it is :/

  9. I want play ._. 

    I'm Sad...Do not quit loading 100% ;^C

  10. BUY MY STUFF (~;-;)~

  11. Dechart

    Scammer :c

  12. Dechart

    Scammer :c

    - scam me, yay, this topic is just a warning, Caution! :c
  13. Likes Huh~ tysm i think ¬u¬

  14. Dechart

    hi im new

  15. Dechart

    hi im new

    Annyeonghaseyo and welcome. Yes. Yes. Yes. In events. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes or i think so ._. Not to toxic. EC event, Idk. ._. Welcome again x.x