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  1. Any IB/IM for Ara or Eve IGN: SimJang // Ewh Happy New Years ♥
  2. OMG CS & GP, I love it ♥ +1 Be real, be real ;-;
  3. Whenever you're ready to buy it, i'll sell to you~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Malibu


      K, 25 minutes e-e' sorry, but i'm On now

    3. Grayer


      Ok let me log on


    4. Malibu


      I'm in Altera 4 ~

  4. +1 Just Because this event was supposed to be FUN boring.
  5. Why'd you post your fucking problem in my thread??

    1. Malibu


      geez, just wanted to inform, sometimes it could be the same problem, sorry?!

    2. Asilea


      Sorry I was just pissed cause none of the *moderators* provided support or form the staff in general.

    3. Malibu


      It's okay, I know how it is :/

  6. - scam me, yay, this topic is just a warning, Caution! :c
  7. Likes Huh~ tysm i think ¬u¬

  8. Annyeonghaseyo and welcome. Yes. Yes. Yes. In events. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes or i think so ._. Not to toxic. EC event, Idk. ._. Welcome again x.x