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  1. Because if u had already accepted the quest, it wont be deleted, letting you get it one last time from quest, but if u create new char u cant get any quests for camera and backgrounds. Even if u go to elwiki it says so:
  2. *INHALES* Also lets add elrios studio camera,because u cant get it anymore from quests and 10m for that would be actually a good price tho. +1
  3. "Hello! My name is Laby!~ Nice to meet you!" Signature: Credits: IGN: Selee
  4. having 299k CP and doesnt have an idea to reach 300k CP Enh RNG is shit, +5 +6 +5 +6 (repeat) isnt fun then u get Reset make me triggered And that some class could have more skills that would show more of their power and possibilites
  5. i would run drabiaki for farming if it was giving a lot of ED and rng wasnt a bitch
  6. I wasn't ready for this, my pc is still broken and i want to play laby without fps drops per sec :pepehands:
  7. Name/Nickname (optional): Alouetta or Alou in short. IGN: Alouetta, AIouetta (Capital i) Class: Bloody Queen, Apsara Main or Alt: Im switching between Apsara and Bloody Queen cuz i love them both Previous Guild (if you were in one before): CinnamonRolls Gear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): on BQ: +9 purple elrianode gear and +9 Void weapon, On Apsara: +8 red Elrianode gear and +9 23 lvl Heroic weapon Timezone: UTC+01:00 About you (optional): - Why did you decide to join this Guild?: Looks nice and fun, im not sure what to write more here LOL
  8. Me when i saw things that i want in exchanables
  9. To be honest i tried to do crimson tower in story mode with my Anemos and i failed, but i had temp rosso weapon on her so.. my BQ has only 235k CP so i cant do normal mode and also no one would like me to join any party because i will be just dying here xxx times
  10. So basically its like you want something but u have to lose something first.
  11. ugh i cant do sander, at one stage my fps suddenly dies and i need to struggle..