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  1. First of all: Wedding not Weeding second thing: +1
  2. Rose Is Armed And Ready... For Summer! IGN: RitaStorm Used items:
  3. Ah fuck another nice person leaves, i really like your DyB guide (even tho i still didnt touched my DyB and geared her up LOL) bonus:
  4. meme aside i will miss u tbh. idk what else to write so im gonna just leave this
  5. Kinda sad that u can only MW the Upgraded SD gear not the elite one-
  6. My friends were playing on void and they asked me to join them. and well.. they dont play anymore but im still here..
  7. OOF, your chair literally commit decapitation on laptop
  8. buff everyone so they can be as strong as EtW
  9. Not sure how much, but only dropped: 1 +9
  10. Because if u had already accepted the quest, it wont be deleted, letting you get it one last time from quest, but if u create new char u cant get any quests for camera and backgrounds. Even if u go to elwiki it says so:
  11. *INHALES* Also lets add elrios studio camera,because u cant get it anymore from quests and 10m for that would be actually a good price tho. +1
  12. having 299k CP and doesnt have an idea to reach 300k CP Enh RNG is shit, +5 +6 +5 +6 (repeat) isnt fun then u get Reset make me triggered And that some class could have more skills that would show more of their power and possibilites
  13. i would run drabiaki for farming if it was giving a lot of ED and rng wasnt a bitch