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  1. I didn't understand how I use my consumables now, I just can have a certain amount and after it uses another space in quick slot.... And so? What's the meaning? Using more slots?
  2. Omg the hype I didn't expect this I was downloading a lot of games waiting for nisha and pum again I'm here! Always love this server and all the years for joy it gives me without paying Now nisha grrrrl
  3. I didn't know how to change it but I think innocent (luciel) doest fit with them... Maybe empress?
  4. Welcome back, I had the same issue with my pc and It cost me 3 years to come back, but at last it was so fun to enjoy what's new and start again
  5. It's sucks mostly of the cases or I am too slow or undercapped. It's seems I just can play with ara(devi) And maybe MAYBE I can hit something Also I never get kicked of partys yet. Maybe I played with patience people or empathic I don't know
  6. Lol there's people here with a big ego cause they know how to gear in a video game, you know there's some pieces in heroic or tears hard to find/expansives? And yes this are the ones that raise your cp Not everyone here have time for grinding 24/7 or to be ca$hers like u.
  7. I hope add's dungeon drop works for void too and I'm happy Also I'm +9 now
  8. Have you tried doing secrets in auto party? It makes me to level up easy to 99 with everything on specially if luto appears
  9. Hi! I didn't know you and also don't know what happened, but it seems there's people here appreciating you, don't let toxic people win, but self care is important too so I wish you the best
  10. Maybe you are slow, I didn't do much pve in partys cause I'm so slow casting, I don't know ir it's me cause I'm low geared (230 cp devi I'm grinding elrianode) but when I queue cause I'm lazy to did debrian alone pum there's everyone killing everything so fast and I'm like. Oh. Or it's my laggy ass.
  11. El/Ella/Elle/Ellx 

    Don't assume my gender thanx 


  12. It was 3 or 4 year ago in Spanish oficial server, was an aisha dark but I left it cause I hate her combos, also now I have a metamorphy in suspence cause I want a magician, at last now I have 2 magic power girls with my rena and ara but not the same...
  13. I feel it today when I was happy with my cp now 220 I enter in varnymir and I can't 12-2 alone :c I'm so frustrated Totally agree