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  1. #TeamIgnia huh, guess I'm going back to the void:type mines
  2. Hi I'm a whale that basically drops 100$ to 200$ each month or so and I'm more inclined to actually spend more if the item I want is actually there forever. If you're like me, who used to main Add while Ain items were coming out, and now switched over to Ain, there was about 2-3 costumes and 2-3 sits that I didn't buy because i didn't main my main currently. That I'll straight up just never have because on board they're like one bil a piece. If they still had items in item people would be able to buy costumes for new mains all the time, and main switching occurs a lot more than you may think.
  3. Realistically, having items not be limited sale actually would stable the economy as things like *cough eternal wedding outfits esp for ain cough* wouldn't be that hecking expensive since they could be bought in the item mall. This would also net void money over a longer period of time for many reasons people have stated above but thats just how I see it anyways.
  4. As long as it doesn't get derailed, there's no real reason to lock the thread. Therefore, yes it would be nice for some transparency on at least somethings that defiantly "wouldn't breach privacy" with the staff, like how they rate suggestions and if we can get hard no's on certain things for suggestions so people don't waste their time on writing threads. Edit: I believe the reason we don't have ice burner costume/accessory cubes is the fact that we have two that rotate, so it would be hard to code boxes for specific ib outfits, you could argue however that the staff could make a exchange for the cube so that if you get (for this rotation) a dusk ib wep cube, you could exchange it for a masquerade ib cube.
  5. I'm hours late but yes I run dungeons with Nic and we do 3 minute bethma's and both use greed medals and we've had runs with zero beans. Though I do agree that i doubt any patches to fix drop rate will occur
  6. me, coughing up blood: 0-2 beans every SD run is so slow esp sine its pretty much just one per run anyways +1 im weak and this is coming from someone whos +15ed two weps last apoc event
  7. Whoah yeah, another good idea and would also help ed burners feel like they have more useful items in it, unlike inventory expansions that are (quest), and thus basically unneeded, they could be sold, or used. Also gives more people an incentive to burn without tipping over the gain/loss ratio. Regardless +1 from me!
  8. Thanks I didn't want to type a paragraph to just say I'm on the same fence
  9. I don't believe you should so easily give yourself the title of "#1 entrepreneur" but you do you my dude. I legit said I'm not against it and based on how you said "you guys" I'm going to assume you also mean me unless stated otherwise. Regardless, we're slightly derailing. sure you allowed Freedom of Speech, but you're not free of consequences from that said speech. Like stated before, I'm not even against lowering prices but I doubt it would lower the price of Head hunter because, usually, people who can afford head hunter can afford the 5mil from moving it back and forth through characters. This would indeed help the less rich, but the real question is would staff even go through the trouble of changing the amount. Furthermore, if people are smart enough to know to buy Head hunter to do better damage or w/e, they're probably smart enough to realize that they could just force extract it around instead of buying multiples. I am interested to see how many people do have multiple head hunters since most people I know who do use them only have one and rotate them around.
  10. I'll go look at that in a minute or so I guess. but based on This this applies that daily means "every day" and 100m divided by 5 is 20!(20 PvE alts) Just because I have "no knowledge" of having to actually use extractors, does not mean "i dont know how much it adds up to", I know how math works.I'm not even against lowering it. I didn't suggest I didn't have multiple mains, but also main is specific for one so really no one has "multiple mains" just multiple alts. If you actually look at my reply I even stated Most people generally have 1-2 PvE mains, so I'm not even sure where you got that idea from. Regardless thanks for the thread link I didn't know that was even a thread to look at for reference.
  11. Most people who can afford Head Hunter have enough to use 5mil. I'm a pure PvE player but also a cashier so I'm very much an outlier (hell I don't even use Head hunter). I have no general stance on it staying the same or lowering, since it won't affect me regardless, but like stated above, you can "easily" do end game dungeons etc to gain ed. My real question is, why the hell do you have to rotate headhunter between characters? how much PvE mains do you have? Most people generally have 1-2 PvE mains (since the game rewards you for having a PvE Main with Treasure Hunter) So I'm genuinely amazed that this is sinking peoples Ed.
  12. I've gotten 8 likes now on my Masterpiece of a NI. I'll drink to that

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      its 26 now. I can't believe my most liked post is that master piece of a Raven. Truly, this is the power of KFC.

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  13. hi ily

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      Fjahxjabxjs henlo im lov u 2

  14. Okay, so I was checking on my Ain to make sure that Rose and Ain would have sets if I threw this idea out here. So for the Halloween event this year, some prizes we could have traded for where the place of __ Memories sit motions and Gloomy Night boxes. So, would it be far fetched to possible get the Frost Pixie outfit (s) and sit motion as a possible tradable for the Christmas Event? Both Rose and Ain have it. Maybe Winter casual and Artic Travel could also possible outfits that could be traded for, since everything is sort of wintery, and allows all players to actually be able to trade for a set that fits their character. Edit: The reason why I'm putting it in here is that I know some people are against the idea of adding an Ib as a possible reward, while no one has an idea to add something else in place of an IB.