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  1. Führer

    Covfefe < u >

    Welcome! I think we could be friends, but... ew. :^(
  2. Ui. Herzlich willkommen, Kamerad!
  3. Führer

    Bye. Again lol..

    Your english is dead, too. :c
  4. Führer

    In Game Voice Changer

    Technical difficulties. :v
  5. Führer

    In Game Voice Changer

    No, we can't. :^(
  6. Führer

    BYE guys o/ 3rd time lol

    Bye, hope you never come back. :V
  7. Führer


    It can mean both. :V OT: Hai! /o/
  8. Führer

    Staff Reconsideration

    Nah, they're okay.
  9. Führer


    ^This. Bye! o/
  10. Führer

    Pet suggestion:Each char Mystic

    And what if people want them because they find robots cute? :C
  11. Führer

    Gate of Darkness reward.

    Exchange it at Aranka/Ariel to get Compressed Carkness. c:
  12. Führer

    YAY this set is too OP

    Its April fools, the stats aren't real. o.o"
  13. Führer

    Can't log in...

    I can log in without any problems. o.o