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  1. Kyu

    Hm, what about this?

    We actually already have the commands implemented--- it's /victory & /defeat
  2. Kyu

    [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

    Good luck! fhdsbxz
  3. *sushi rolls*

  4. Zenny

    is Baeran

    1. Kyu


      Eyem Baeran now nice to meet you

  5. Kyu

    Perkisas Breath

    It's only obtainable once Phase 3 ends. We don't have Phase 3 yet.
  6. Kyu

    About the new dance

    That's for the GFriend-Me Gustas Tu set. We don't have it yet. Only for girl's part- Male parts are different
  7. Kyu

    Farewell Void !

    I'll still drop by time to time on Void if a friend wants help or something, but you're free to spam my PMs then o:
  8. Kyu

    Farewell Void !

    Thank you for all the farewells/goodbyes/luck @everyone + w+)9 [drops a gif of main]
  9. Hiya, Kyu here. I'd like to say that I am officially quitting and leaving void. I may still stay around and stick to the forums but only other time you'll see me online is visiting a friend or something-- I had fun here from the beginning to now, it was great to watch void grow content wise and community wise. I can't say whether this will be a temporary goodbye or a permanent leave. I'd like to thank all the friends I've made and the amazing people I've met throughout the time I've been here. Thank you [Tumblr], for being far the best guild I've been in, you're all my family to me. Thank you @Lilu for being one of my first friends starting here, and continue being a huge help here as GS o/. Thank you so much @Kaad for being here with me and helping me out when I first started maining RS, and for still being one of my best friends here. I'd like to thank everyone I've become friends with for such great times and I'll also speak to you(certain friends here) through PM :'3c Overall thank you, and goodbye void!
  10. Kyu

    So what is your best memory of Void?

    Meeting @Pikachi :'3c
  11. icry /shot Well. PM me if you wanna re-add on discord or anything then o7