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  1. OTP

    Yikes! 2.0

    so what was the fix?
  2. Should I fund my Ain or job change my NB to Demonio????? :^/

  3. there can be only one amethyst Q(-w -Q)

  4. sure hope im not too late, pomfing would be great rn my past guilds are gaea and mysticals, and id say my reputation is pretty great tbh,, (aside from the no-one knows me part) id like to join! because! the guild sounds really fun to be a part of, and i havent had many good guild experiences so im hoping uwu oh and my ign is OTP
  5. luri

    hi mom

    1. OTP


      throwback not-thursday (laughing emoji laughing emoji)

  6. It's pretty useless IMO, but as a KR player, I can say that the economy isn't very broken from it. Lmao. It's not very buggy, either. But either way, we're most likely not getting it, if you wanted a costume piece that badly instead of another, you probably should've gotten the one you really wanted instead. To be honest, I can't deny how much I really want MW. But it's 99% out of 100% not gonna happen.
  7. Honestly, I support this thread, but c'mon guys. I'm not aiming to ride the bandwagon of kiss-ass, but really. Chill. It's been a long time, sure. We all, hopefully, agree. But, as a side note, listen to this : When the content gets here, every single one of these threads are gonna disappear. Everyone will 99% forget every single thing before the update that happened. You guys and everyone else, will be happy. The end. And then it'll start up again for v1.6, and v429857.184917 too. This happened before when Add wasn't here. I think it's pretty sad, honestly, how one SINGLE character update and 4-5 months worth of updates can relate so easily on community fury levels. Hopefully people take this the intended way.
  8. It could take 1-2 hour(s), maybe more. It's practically impossible to tell.
  9. Honestly, the wait isn't what's making me impatient. It's the lack of them informing us about the updates that 9.5/10 of the Void players want. It's like watching a movie, having it end on a cliffhanger, then having to wait about a year for the second part. ( No, I am not implying that it has been a year. ) Basically, the point I'm trying to get out there is, in my opinion, they should inform us more. I know I'm merely a player on this server, and hell if I know anything about how this stuff works, but nothing should be stopping them from telling us if there's something wrong.
  10. wow i c how et is i c h0w et is