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  2. Hail

    Guild Food Suggestion

    It would be wonderful if we could use more than one guild consumable at a time. It would make 80% of the consumables far more useful (we typically only consume like 3 of the foods due to their superior gifts effects). As you know, consumables are segregated into specific types such as drinks, food, status recovery, and event apples, and elixirs. Because all guild foods are under the "guild food" tab, if we eat snow pasta, we can't drink bulky juice until the 30 second cooldown is over. Why is bulky juice considered to be the same type of food as spicy skewer? KOG wanted a simple, and (in my opinion overly) balanced augmentation system for expedition. If I had my way, guild foods would be separated into three tiers that represent their significance (and priority when being selected for crafting). Tier one would be Super Gratin through Spicy Skewer. Tier Two would be Picnic Panini through Spicy Salad. Tier Three would be Crispy Croquette through Spirit Pot-au-feu. As of this moment, the food in tier one is easily the most popular consumable that people craft. The other tiers, particularly tier three is typically ignored by most of the server. If my idea is implemented, that very well may change, and has a likelihood to lower the cost of other consumables (such as organic apples and fossil potions) as well. I don't believe that anyone is making serious revenue off of fossil potions, so not too much damage should be done. This may also increase interest in running guild expeditions for coins, which all guilds will benefit from. I believe that the benefit to players would outweigh the cost to void's revenue. I honestly cannot convince myself that people ever load up to buy consumables.
  3. Hail

    Make Guild Coins Banksharable

    No because I don't want petty hoes to be able to get carried by Fateful members just to give the coins to their "friend's guild" that they're planning on hopping to (that'll probably die two weeks later anyway). The coins yield has doubled. If you still can't manage to scrape up enough coins to manage your guild, it's time to join a better guild. If you can bank share them, you can put them on your alt that is in another guild. If you're payed to put coins in another guild with an alt, that is selling them. I know from my guild's experience that some members may want to be slick with coins.
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    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    Boi if you nerds don't bump this thread right now and tell everyone about our farm expansion-
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  12. Hail

    Add Guild Coins and Hard-Boiled Eggs to Naeun

    As a matter of fact, making them purchasable would remove incentive to expand guilds and engage in guild activities. No mainstream guild would benefit from that. Only the single player guilds and less active family guilds would benefit at all and they only would at large guilds' expense. Void players take the path of least resistance. It is like when hundreds of us immediately abandoned pvp when S+ stones became possible to obtain through PvE efforts.
  13. Hail

    Add Guild Coins and Hard-Boiled Eggs to Naeun

    If your guild isn't generating coins, it doesn't deserve coins. Banner points are actually troublesome because they're only rewarded on void for first-of-the-month clears.