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  1. Where u been. 

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    2. Hail


      Took you so long...

    3. Roweniaa


      AHHH I'm sorry. Got distracted by RL.

    4. Hail


      well wb

  2. I think void should not remove Adrian even if it could be removed because it has been well established that it is challenging but possible. Many people clear it regularly. It is a rite of passage.
  3. And where iframes end, mana break and dodging begin. Thanks to the recent updates, It takes genuine effort to NOT have enough pots to accomplish hard GEs.
  4. The top guilds clear Adrian's palace every single month. They took the time to learn the patterns. If difficulty is that problematic, we have bigger fish to fry like Hennon in Henir.
  5. Hail


    Here's fateful. We're almost level 23 now. I recommend that you join us because we have many experienced players who can help you with their extensive knowledge of the game. We also have a discord channel that you can visit even as a guest.
  6. Ahh it's all fine. We'll always let you back in after an inactivity kick.
  7. Yeah we'll let you back in. You can whisper me when you're online or you can leave an application at miyu. I'll add you first.
  8. Got pressured to leave because GM suspects you're a scammer.* I won't comment further on your poor behavior.
  9. Soith

    hi, where's my dollar? it got lost here :eveStare:

  10. Sweet Home Alabama
  11. I would be fine with a lesser legendary or unique weapon being malleable but not even elrianode armor can be shared. KOG decided to get even greedier and remove armor's versatility.
  12. Thanks for applying. Either I can catch you online within the next 45 minutes or an admin can invite you. If you want to expedite the process even further, you can leave an application at Miyu.