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  1. That would help with dps.
  2. Hail

    Hush sets

    Bring it back. I'm the only one who ever spams it in spar anymore.
  3. Hail

    Oh hiris

  4. so officials don't have these items?
  5. Enty spend 15b and failed to get +11. He still doesn't have one. An event would be nice but I wouldn't mind permanently improved rates either. I don't even think we should cap at +11 either. We have dungeons with official server tier difficulty that are meant to be completed by +12s and KOG is only making dungeons worse. Unless +11s are tweaked to be equivalent to +12s we need a major permanent upgrade.
  6. Asury you should get on discord and send me some food pics from your new restaurant.
  7. I believe it's perfectly reasonable for guildmasters to expect their guildies to contribute in some form. Without contribution, a guild is dead in the water. It can't afford coins to give buffs. It can't expand properly. It can't keep up basic services. This leads to many guilds being stuck at a low level or incapable of serving its members as much as its guildmaster may want to. Another issue is that in guilds that are known to be productive will attract people who desire services, but some people who desire services will refuse to contribute. That disrespects those members of the guild who do work hard to afford services. It's like communism. The ones who gain all the benefits but work the least will anger everyone else.
  8. There's actually a lot more to mine but I'm not sure if anyone wants to hear about personal details very much. It gets a bit weird.
  9. What made you choose your guild? I grew dissatisfied with how my previous guild was being run. GM clearly stopped trying and the guild was obviously on death's door. Everyone jumped ship. I was offered to run a new one so after careful consideration, I chose to let the ship sink so that I can hold the reins in a new one. What do you expect from a guild? Honesty and fairness for all members. I expect a random guildmaster to not ban me from their server on sight. It happens more than you'd think. How often do you run guild expedition? Depends on how much the guild needs. I'll run on average 1-2 per day. My alts aren't very strong. What are your favorite guild passives? Greed blessing and Heroic sacrifice. How do you like your guild's community? I'm actually quite fond of them, even though they constantly make fun of me.
  10. Holy heck leveling up a guild takes a long time.

    1. Consi


      yes yes it does


  11. Those feels when you see a somewhat interesting topic but you know the real circumstances that inspired it are warped so you don't want to bother and instead watch a dying guild, concerned community members, and the void staff have a dogfight.

  12. nerd

    1. Seiiran


      Discord is a thing.

  13. Leave fateful alone. We didn't do anything to you and you haven't actually been in the guild since January 2018. You can feel free to join a guild for the first time in a year, but don't give us a bad reputation just because nobody felt like carrying you last night.