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  1. Hail

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    inability to take any wealth out of the game without getting banned.
  2. Whooo are you.

  3. Hail

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    I can add you right now
  4. do you grow fruit?

  5. Hail

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    You're being intransigent. There is no good reason for anyone to solely rely on the raid server to find parties. You have options if you actually care. Have you slid into task manager to prioritize void over other programs? Have you used megas, spar rooms, or your guild to create a raid party of your own?
  6. We need a gardening thread.

    1. Minyoung


      Hahaha you should start one :eyes:

    2. Hail


      I will, mysterious woman. 

  7. Hail

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    It doesn't seem like much of a struggle when majority of the people I meet refuse to even attempt to touch 12-7.
  8. Hail

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    Due to the nature of raid and the supposed demand for such accommodations, it seems to me that there is enough man power for all of you to manage raid through 12-7. I lag but I still get this done. Implementation of this suggestion would compromise the meritocracy that raid (usually) encourages.
  9. Hail

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    http://prntscr.com/mkdeoi It seems easy enough. Pvpers need the money cuz they're broke bois.
  10. Hail

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    My alt has under 400kcp and he can still survive to the end of 12-7 to get the pose. People earned it by persevering to learn how to survive raid and surviving it weekly. Not everyone with gear even completes raid. Several strong players are too intimidated by it to even try, and others claim it's too laggy. This is one of the few areas on voidels in which merits are the only way to earn something.
  11. Hail

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    As one of those guys who gets 100% almost every week, I don't approve of this. This is by far better than people asking for handouts, but it certainly will ruin the novelty of getting the throne.
  12. Hail

    Found something

    Look at it from a liberal and broad perspective. What could a voidels player from 2015 with a post count of over 1k possibly mean by such a post? Perhaps there could be a drop of tasteful sarcasm?
  13. Hail

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    Rep only makes ran happy but totally displeases the community. Rep totally favors community and Ran doesn't appreciate him. Rep would rather meme in some guild than actually do her job at all. Those are just three examples.
  14. Hail

    Found something

    Did you just unintentionally discover that voidels logs your activities?
  15. Hail

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    ... And... what if there is conflicting interest between these two totally different bosses?