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  1. Oh that's fine. Have fun in your new guild. If you any another guild in the future, give me a call. My guild has a discord free for guests to join if you want to meet new people. The discord is rather large.
  2. What effects are you looking for, miss? Anything in particular?
  3. How strict are we talking? Do you want strict rules that chase an ideal that will get people kicked easily or rules that lead to effective results? Are there any more requirements such as exclusivity or size?
  4. Fateful. It's PvE.
  5. Pvp explains it. The pvp guild market severely declined.
  6. Strangely enough I remember Tiramizu existing around the time Perkisas was on void. So you were the gm... alright.
  7. Oh don't worry about any potential rile-ups. You clearly didn't mean to offend. It's just a peculiar subject to me because every 3 or 4 months someone accuses me of impersonation (for whatever reason). He came here? When? I've never seen anyone claim to be Hails. I'd love to meet him at some point. One more thing... What was your guild and what happened to it?
  8. Actually I stole this name from a boy in texas who used it as his Super Smash Brother Brawl tag in 2010. I never cared enough to learn about NA players but from what a random person told me, the NA player is called "Hails" with an s. I don't have nor have I ever claimed to have any relation to that person. I have my own reputation and credibility to forge. I don't need that of another person who has nothing to do with my trade in this game-- guilds.
  9. Ummmm I'm a Chung who only plays voidels. Are we having a case of mistaken identity?
  10. Oh you thought you'd get a warm welcome. Naw baby. Your welcome is going to be scaldic. You baesic piece of- No let me calm down before i make a monolithic mistake.
  11. Send your thoughts and prayers to @Convertes. He fell victim to baseless rumors and got caught lacking. 

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    2. Hail


      of course not. I mean not having something. 

    3. Lylan


      oh- i feel dumb rn - ITS 3am dun hate me ;W;

    4. Hail


      Go to bed

  12. It seems one peach or plum seed survived the bitter cold and it let out a long root. I guess we're getting a total one new non cherry tree. 

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    2. Soith


      Chocolate is made up of much more ingrediants than just the bean itself. If I was talking about a singular item that came into making the chocolate itself, then yes- the bean is a fruit. I included 'kind of' - which means some of the ingredients are made up of vegetables. Though the bean itself is indeed a fruit, however, remember that many ingredients are put into the process of creating any type of sweets.

    3. Consi


      soith why are you posting about chocolate on here too XD


    4. Soith


      I post about chocolate everywhere, it's better not to ask questions :peperun:

  13. I don't want this to be enabled so that people who DO have bad intentions can abuse it. I know from firsthand experience that many people sought to join Fateful in order to steal coins.