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  1. Azur Beach Elesis "Come on let's go swimming!~" IGN: BloodyExo More Screenies Items Used Good Luck!~
  2. For void's artist are we allowed to draw the characters in IB costumes? or do we have to stick with their promotional costume?
  3. *^* Yes!! Must have Ran replace NoNo. Can this be void's official mascot? T o T
  4. Contest: Voids Artist Contest: Voids Artist Contest: Voids Artist Contest: Voids Artist Contest: Voids Artist
  5. I have decided to play Els Void again .w. .. For VA, do we draw all 5 masters? or how many we want?
  6. ohh....I thought they were playing another server...
  7. I thought I was the only one who thought this. . .idek either, but I'm sure they were playing in another server :/
  8. Contest: Photographer Contest: Artist Contest: Designer
  9. So I won the designer contest ( for the 1st time Q-Q ), can I still enter the photographer?
  10. For Secret Sketcher Are we allowed to change the clothing design? owo
  11. Idk if this question was answered before but are we allowed to use old photos in our files for the photographer and designer?
  12. ah okay thank you for your reply c: