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  1. Download done for me, I'm in </3 sorry for this, but I see you use WIndows XP and 32 bit. I used it few months ago and I had this error everytime, when I was on dungeon, or use few skills and nothing could fix it. I change my system now, to Windows 10 + 64 bit and I'm free.
  2. Btw., I really want chance for craft this 3rd jobs costumes, they are so beautiful and I'm poor XD
  3. 800mb in 30min, like 0,81mb/s it's going faster </3
  4. it starts to be 0,31mb/s (faster since 3 hours) i'm s h a k i n g
  5. holy, I'm confused what should I do - close the launcher and turn off or just leave it for the night XD
  6. oh hi again *wait for a lot of your status uptades*
  7. 3 hours for 1gb, I will go to sleep soon, so good luck with the rest my little computer </3
  8. yep, I'm going to quit too, I think. This is the end of VoidEls.
  9. I follow your status every time, but I have (or had, nvm) same situation. and when I see this post, and mention (thank you for it) I feel I should talk with you, but I dont know if you want to talk, if yes, just tell me. anyway.. I hope everything will be okay, Seiza.
  10. This game is tiring me. but, hi jenna good luck with other games ~