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  1. Download done for me, I'm in </3 sorry for this, but I see you use WIndows XP and 32 bit. I used it few months ago and I had this error everytime, when I was on dungeon, or use few skills and nothing could fix it. I change my system now, to Windows 10 + 64 bit and I'm free.
  2. Btw., I really want chance for craft this 3rd jobs costumes, they are so beautiful and I'm poor XD
  3. 800mb in 30min, like 0,81mb/s it's going faster </3
  4. it starts to be 0,31mb/s (faster since 3 hours) i'm s h a k i n g
  5. holy, I'm confused what should I do - close the launcher and turn off or just leave it for the night XD
  6. oh hi again *wait for a lot of your status uptades*
  7. 3 hours for 1gb, I will go to sleep soon, so good luck with the rest my little computer </3
  8. yep, I'm going to quit too, I think. This is the end of VoidEls.
  9. I follow your status every time, but I have (or had, nvm) same situation. and when I see this post, and mention (thank you for it) I feel I should talk with you, but I dont know if you want to talk, if yes, just tell me. anyway.. I hope everything will be okay, Seiza.
  10. This game is tiring me. but, hi jenna good luck with other games ~
  11. welcome! I main CEm, Eve is the best. but game not.
  12. be my support ;^;


  13. I want another game.

    I'm boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.


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    2. Ashless


      Well I didn't exactly had MMO in mind but sure.

      as for the LoL kind of game, I dunno, the closest was dota(no offense but dota is a cheap rip off from WoW in terms of character design, and no, am not a WoW player, just sayin).

      speaking of WoW you could try "Heroes of the storm", one of my colleagues said it's similar to LoL (since he played both of em) but I can never be sure till I try so try it at your own risk.

      If I may advice a different approach  on MMOs I'd advice one of the following:

      Dragon's Dogma Online


      similar to dark souls but way more forgiving, good play style merging elements from Darksouls/shadow of the colossus/a tiny hint of Skyrim, but it's not PvP based, kind of "step lively MEN! let's take this monster down fellas, we need an archer and a healer to hack this dragon terror to the ground" so It might not be the best if you're aiming for the PvP deal.

      PS: Despite the online having a bit more cool moves as the gif shows, I liked the offline version way better, the story is good, and there is the main pawn system(combat NPCs which you can create one and alter traits/combat techs/looks/knowledge of monsters you encounter and quests you do, you can even send her/him to other players to gain new knowledge from their world(you can bring other players main pawns to help you with quests they previously completed before to give you useful hints and the like,the ending in particular was one of the best I've seen thus far.)

      Blade And Soul:



      A good MMO with competitive pvp which is both skill/equip based, some of the combos/class are hard to pull of but mostly the graphics and overall gameplay is good, most noted in the Dragon Jump scenes(a way to fast travel across the Region's map while doing super jump and wall walking mind blowing moves).

      I played it 2 years ago on the russian server (that time the english one Wasn't out yet) the classes and races variety is quite good and appealing, the character customization is also pretty good, I'd enjoy giving you a hand leveling and such but I simply am way too busy with University's projects and the like, but you'll mange just fine)

      Dungeon Fighter Online:



      A regular nexon take on the your regular Beat em up retro games, the game looked decent, I'll be brief:

      simple game for retro players , good and entertaining with verity of classes to choose from ,the only problem I've spotted thus far was the lack of players, making it seem like a shallow husk of repeating  the solo dungeons stuff. If I were you I'd steer clear from this until more players are spotted there or unless I have way too many friendos willing to try it out.)

      Aura Kingdom:


      A good simple game with party elements with the system: the more players there are the more Hard yet rewarding the dungeons get.

      nice gameplay yet simple, Not the polished though but I had a fun time being there, see some game play footage and give it a try if you like.

      For the last entry:


      Kritkia Online: (not to be confused with kritka the white knights "the android ducked up version of the game)



      One Word: OP AWESOMENESS

      choose a character, then a class(out of three) then Kick as* like there's no tomorrow.

      intestine satisfying gameplay, nice character design and good combat system with pretty decent PvP.

      but make no mistake, no gameplay vids will be true till you try out for yourself, one of the best MMOs I've tried among the years so far.

      PS: you might wanna check the Blocked IP regions for this game (middle east/Norway etc) You don't wanna download it (4gb client) and still not being able to play it because of region restrictions.

      Last words:

      don't judge any games by pics/gifs/gameplay footage till you try out for yourself.

      0-0 That would be all for now.

      Good luck and may you have a good day ahead.

    3. Destructe


      Kritika Online is open now? I download a launcher 3 weeks ago and it still closed!

      I play Aura Kingdom and it's a bit bored for me.

      I will think about DFO and B&S, thanks!

      PS. I know DOTA, but.. too little champions :<

    4. Ashless


      About Kritika Online: I dunno, last time I played was on the Chinese server and that was before the IP block kind of thing. and due to my luck the English one will be mostly be IP blocked where I am atm. anyhow, the best way is to visit the official website.

      Aura Kingdom isn't that good without "friends", the reason why I had some fun in it was because the people of my original first guild I made back when I was on Elsword NA went there and brought me there to start another guild with a different Guild Master. so yeah, funny times

      DFO is good if you like retro beat em up , I for once had secretly hoped that they'd implant the Immortal class here in elsword after implanting rose (btw Did you know that DFO was the game that miss rose a.k.a "moving arsenal terror of Elrios" here came from? well now you do).

      anyhow good luck with MMOs hunting, and if you happen to stumble upon any good MMO give us a call here and someone is bound to join in.


  14. Hello Shelby!~ cats QAQ I never introduce myself here. I think, I should do this.
  15. 1) well, I can't look anymore on this recolored EO, so I think we really need shorter break like 2 months. +1 2) I dont mind with point 2, neutral. 3) Does anyone else buy Fossil Analyser? It it is unnecessary now. +1 Good pets & mounts are rare in ED Burner, so Miho should be added on it. We get more often Halloween Fairy. (but Rael is pretty nice too) +1 4) I dont mind with point 4. 5) Hm, this is weird, because Refined Time & Space Materials are helpful for me. I want to craft 4D set, so with ED Burner I can do it faster.