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  1. " And we are preparing to improve the currently problematic stats of the Secret/Heroic equipment and fixing the issues of clear times of Secret dungeons and certain Heroic dungeons being too long. Also, we plan to boldly remove dungeons that are deemed unnecessary like the Bestera army. This does require lot of work so it will be difficult to start on improvements right away. However, we’ll try to prepare them for the later half of the year. " It's on Elwiki, although i'm not entirely sure if the changes will be drastic but lets hope the stats get updated.
  2. They can change it, they just won't do it as they deem its not necessary, unless the officials do it themselves. KR is going to make changes to SD sets, so you will have to wait and see.
  3. No, you're completely fine. Starting over is allowed, even if you broke the rules in the past, as long as you don't break it again.
  4. heard u a egirl?

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  5. you have the option of buying it from EC sellers with ED :)))
  6. I think an 'improvement' in this scenario would be to unban all the innocent players. Oh wait, they did that. Also to address the situation, but wait, they did that too. What possibly more could you want? i don't understand. At this point, you're just nitpicking the most trivial things that were already solved years ago and still use it to make a point that holds no value.
  7. This guy just doesn't get it. >Staff bans over 1k users >Unbans all of the innocent players and people who were caught rulebreaking, were kept permanently banned. >Insists that staff needs improvement ??????????????????????????? I don't get the logic
  8. But your doubts are opinionated, not factual. The thing is you're trying to make a point when it's merely a belief of yours, with no proof to back it up. It would be in your best interest to stop assuming these things and give it a break, because you're repeating the same thing over and over again. The staff know that they make mistakes, VoidCM literally stated the same thing you've been talking about a few pages back, so what's the point in bringing it up constantly? You should just play the game and stop worrying over something that doesn't sound like it concerns you in first place, since you're not banned, right? You're not one of those 'victims', so why speak on their behalf? I guarantee you, 90% of these morons did break the rules and got punished rightfully, but they fabricate their stories to gain sympathy, it's quite pathetic. There is no point in bringing up the past, it was literally resolved moments after it happened, why do you keep adding more to it? i just don't get that?????
  9. If it's a genuine concern, then i'm sorry for not taking it seriously. I've been playing this server for 4 years and have always seen the same players start drama because they wanted a reaction out of it. Especially in sparring rooms, there would always be a hangout room and then you would see the same Raven players that act all high and mighty and would start talking shit about Lilu out of nowhere, because they run out of things to say and they want to impress their buddies. I am talking from a personal experience, i was in a room with them and i remember one of them saying 'I will buy all of the mega's off the board and roast Lilu', at that time, mega's were dirt cheap and literally everyone had access to them, he was bragging about how he could buy all of it off the board, for the sole purpose of destroying Lilu's reputation, because these people literally do nothing else but sit in spar rooms everyday and gossip about other people. It has always been like this, reading about this stuff always bore the fuck out of me, because it's always the same thing, they want to start shit for no absolute reason. That specific Raven player that mega'd that got banned plenty of times but always went on an alt account to mega shit again, he never cared because he was rich anyways and his only sense of entertainment was to ruin other peoples day, if you said anything he would start 'roasting' you in the mega's as well. I now know that it genuinely bothers you, based on your past experience and i do feel bad, however i don't think throwing accusations around is ever the right thing to do. What if you found out this individual is completely innocent and you said all these things to make them feel horrible about themselves, when it was never the case?. You have to think about this from many perspectives. If you've been around here for a while, you would know that this community LOVES to gossip and drag other people down, because they don't enjoy the game anymore. And honestly, people are starting to fabricate the whole story, because i remember some people saying the girl was '15' and now you're telling me she's 14, which to me, shows that you clearly heard this from another player, because it just seems all over the place. I do feel bad that you had to go through this before and i am sorry for attacking you earlier, that wasn't really mature of me to do so, but in my defence, it's hard to tell if someone is serious anymore after looking back in this thread and that one guy bringing up the whole LGBT community into this and accusing Ran of being homophobic, which is just absurd. Also the 'fourteen year old' would be an adult by now and since the staff know Lilu personally, they surely would've fired him a while back if it was true, right?. I mean it became a huge controversy back in 2016? i think, i can't recall exactly when and i remember the staff commenting on it too, but not much escalated from there. I don't know if Lilu personally addressed this situation, but i think i would like to see his side of story on this matter. It's just very complicated to be honest, people would hold it against him regardless and accuse him of many more things if he did speak up about it, there is just not much you can do when most of the community is just out there to ruin this guys career. Just look at the amount of threads being made about other staff members, the moment something happens and the community doesn't like it, they start witch hunting the staff members and make multiple of threads asking for them to be fired, and it's usually the most trivial things ever. It's ridiculous, honestly. But once again, i do see where you're coming from and i think you should speak to the staff directly about it or wait for them to respond to you. It doesn't make it right to just throw accusations left and right without any basis, because you're hurting the individual without knowing the full truth. Do try to address it in a proper manner, in the future, because at the start it seemed like you were just trying to destroy his reputation by instantly stating that he's a pedophile, without any basis.
  10. The reason why it keeps recirculating is because we have a bunch of edgy, rebel teenagers on our servers that think it's funny to spread the same old bullshit we've hard in the past in the mega's over and over, just to get a reaction from him. How can you make these statements without any basis behind it? If Lilu groomed someone, surely by now they would've showed up and talked about it. I mean there's mega wars about it quite often, yet nobody came front and said anything. You're making really bold statements, fully knowing there's no real evidence behind it and you're just going with that? How the fuck are you trying to make a point, when it's just all ideal and hold no value, because none of it is real? I can't comprehend that at all. Usually when you make bold statements like these, you are expected to back it up and share your side of the story, but it doesn't seem like you were groomed by Lilu himself, so what gives you the right to say he goes around grooming little kids when it's never happened before? All these years and the only way we saw it being 'recirculated' was by taunting him through mega's for the shits and giggles and with their mates, because the community is very mature in that regard and fully know what they're talking about. The only reason why i'm on a defensive stance is because there's never been proof or anything that would convince me that this person is truly like that. And honestly, from what i can tell, you're just saying the same thing as any of these other edgy kids in the mega's say and it gets quite boring reading the same thing again, because you're given the impression that someone is finally going to provide 'proof', but it ends up being the same old taunt to get his attention, nothing more. The person Lilu dated before still plays the game and hasn't said a thing about this matter, they've obviously known each other for a long time so she would naturally know how he's like, yet she has never made claims herself or spread these rumours around. Surely it's the community trying to piss off the staff because they simply can't quit the game and their only source of entertainment is to ruin other people's day.
  11. So the whole thread was about 'inconsistency and bias' yet you come in here and spread irrelevant bullshit. You act like some highschool kid, spreading rumours around without any proof, just to look like a rebel. This shit's been going on for years now, you bring nothing new to the table. Why not just play the game and stop being delusional? why does the staff's background matter?. They're human beings, just like us. This is literally their job, they created this server so people could escape the officials, where you're literally restrained from using a bunch of keys on YOUR fucking keyboard. Like, i don't understand, why does it matter what the staff does or what their background is?. Why not just play the game and ignore all of this?. It's not doing any harm and there's literally no proof of him being a pedophile, people made accusations here and there and now it's become a huge thing, where every year Lilu makes a 'mistake' or does something controversial, everyone starts using these false rumours against him. He's been around for ages, surely he'd be prosecuted already if he was a pedophile, but nothing happened yet, why? because it's false you absolute cave troll. Just play the game or simply go back to NA and stop spreading the same old bullshit around, you're not funny in the slightest and it seems like you don't have an opinion of your own, so you copy the same thing other people say, you're boring, leave.
  12. Honestly i'm really grateful for this event, 3 months ago i grinded without any event buffs or anything and when i did over 1k runs for the Guardian of Elrianode title on my Anemos, i was completely burned out. I got shitty tears and literally no force drops. I also tried enchanting my Raven's weapon to +10, but i failed and ended up wasting all my money, it took only two tries on my Laby to make a +10.. I decided to pick Ara up, Apsara specifically because i used to main her in the past and i felt like i was genuinely decent with Ara and i must say, this event pretty much helped me fund her completely. I was hardcore farming for 3 days, i managed to get 5* ASD tear & +2 Enh Physical Attack tear, i sold both of them and made 3b. With that amount, i was able to buy a decent IB set and get all the good tears for her, since tear prices are really cheap right now. For a person who never had good RNG, this truly felt like a blessing. I was really jealous when a friend of mine got Unique HH in two runs, compared to how i did 800 runs and got absolutely nothing. All it takes is patience, but i managed to get a +10 weapon and fully fund my Ara. I feel like 300 runs for a +10 is really generous and pretty easy to do actually. The only thing i will say though is that i believe the +9 should be craftable instead with an ED fee, +9ing an elrianode set is pretty much cancer, if you are having to do 400 dungeons for it. But yeah, good job to all the staff who were working on this Event, it's a lot better than the past events.
  13. Just stop, you're making yourself look like a snowflake and it's rather embarrassing, at this point you're just throwing random excuses without providing evidence. Stop bringing LGBT into everything, if Ran was homophobic, this server wouldn't even have same sex marriage, just grow up lmao. @VoidCM Good job with the responses, i think you handled this really well and i agree with almost everything you said.