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  1. Why does it bother you so much, game's shit regardless, let them quit in peace lmfao. OT: Take care dude
  2. I'm not surprised, Void community consists of condescending players. Not everyone is like that though
  3. Welcome, is that your art if i may ask? :o
  4. Take care fellow Rena main, i can honestly relate to what you're saying. Most people really don't care about how much hours you've invested into the game, since it doesn't concern them and you efforts are meaningless to them for that specific reason (most people here are selfish but i won't go further into that), It's just how it is unfortunately. Hope life treats you well outside of Elsword, once again, take care!
  5. Cultivate

    Oof Weapon

    We generally get that during events, so there's a chance we might get it if Void plans to make an Easter event, so you'll have to be patient.
  6. Don't need +7 - +8, as they're easy obtainable via black smith. i'm unsure about this, i'll wait for more feedback and potential tweaks before i make my decision.
  7. +1, literally no motivation to grind for anything when the options are so limited, unless i feel like spamming deb laboratory all day, which is very tiring and i'd rather have a weekly mini-event system where i could use 1 ticket for the ETD dungeon instead. This feature could also attract more new players, because regardless of the high server rates, i think the server itself is pretty stale when it comes to originality.
  8. do we get the pvp revamp (some map removal and same class queue removal ) or not
  9. We didn't get the PVP 'revamp' right? where they removed certain maps and disabled same classes from queuing together.
  10. We see this thread every year, no it's not dead, it's just not suited for people who are impatient when it comes to content updates, that's pretty much it.
  11. Welcome!, so many eve staff members, goddamn
  12. Welcome, i really love your siggy, it's fucking brilliant.
  13. Welcome to the staff team and best of luck to you and the rest.