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  1. PhatHoe

    Community Ticket Farming Event.

    Well I never heard of that event. If thats so Im +1 this suggestion
  2. PhatHoe

    Community Ticket Farming Event.

    Correct me if Im wrong but there is no "Check Number of items in the server" How could the GMs even pull it off if the GMs dont have that kind of option. They would need to search the logs and nitpick each ticket that has been dropped. The GMs are doing this whole thing in their free time so idk if they want to have this much work put on them. Im gonna stay neutral
  3. Uhh Im not sure I did put my name in Void Desinger :/ ?
  4. PhatHoe

    What ibs do u want in upcoming rotations?

    Radiant Flowers obv.
  5. thanks its fixed now.
  6. PhatHoe

    Good-bye Void!

  7. PhatHoe

    Oh Honey

    Welcome to Void - Kinda late but w/e. Drag Queens scare me.
  8. PhatHoe

    Which class(es) do you main (2018)

    Its gotta be Innocent. Much Spam. Much Wow
  9. PhatHoe

    Bye hoes </3

    Good luck on your career ! Seeing you in the future in the latest magazines ~
  10. PhatHoe

    Farewell. [+ Huge Giveaway]

    Sadly there will be a time when people get too busy or have no interest in playing. It is life. We won't play games that we love for the rest of our life. (Im certainly not) If the time has come to you I wish you a good life with great times outside this game I want the HDY spirits for Lu. Let me make my Lu even more special as she already is. IGN: PhatHoe
  11. So about the "...(Ex: ..) thing Does that "Ex" mean Example or Excluding ?
  12. PhatHoe

    Restarting :p

    Hello Private !
  13. PhatHoe


    Hello fellow Troll Welcome in Void.
  14. that bottom is actually a perkisas bottom ^^ but if the rest is ok then im glad thanks.