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  1. the really needed heroic update I never wanted
  2. The only thing that is legit is you denying the fact you did hack in the past dont come at me with that please. Accept your ban and go on with you life
  3. There is no 0:58 -> 0:43 time glitch. goodbye.
  4. IGN: PhatHoe Gonna go with Karis
  5. Well I never heard of that event. If thats so Im +1 this suggestion
  6. Correct me if Im wrong but there is no "Check Number of items in the server" How could the GMs even pull it off if the GMs dont have that kind of option. They would need to search the logs and nitpick each ticket that has been dropped. The GMs are doing this whole thing in their free time so idk if they want to have this much work put on them. Im gonna stay neutral
  7. Uhh Im not sure I did put my name in Void Desinger :/ ?
  8. Welcome to Void - Kinda late but w/e. Drag Queens scare me.
  9. Its gotta be Innocent. Much Spam. Much Wow
  10. Good luck on your career ! Seeing you in the future in the latest magazines ~