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  1. Name/Nickame: Jigun IGN: ThePanduuh Class FP previous guild: Pleasure ( stupid guild.) Gear: +9 void weap stage 9 Heroic set lvl 25 above About me: im korean Why need guild : Friend Suggestion, PvE
  2. that sucks. Thank you for telling me Lock @Structure @Poppy
  3. So i got my apoc weap. and i was to excited so I locked my sword for a whole year, not knowing that you cannot enhance the equipment. i have a 9+ amulet but i cannot enhance no more. Is there a way to remove the lock, or i have to wait it out? http://imgur.com/a/WQ4np
  4. if it wasn't for the high rates for selling EC. I wouldn't be OP in Elsword. To lazy to grind 24/7 so i took a short cut.
  5. stage 10 i run this dungeon when ever i have time to play Elsword Still no cube.
  6. Unless your extremely op. but very unlikely half of this community, Although it is void.
  7. the game freezes up on the start of character log in screen music
  8. its the same problem. Purchase pending : been going on forever.
  9. i do not have any sub way cards in target anymore since i bought them all. and i do go on the pgc website
  10. i am trying to get a code, and this gift card i have has money in it. But it seems to not work.