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  1. EDIT:TOTAL CHAOS Who and why is enabling this lunacy that is currently happening 3 pages before? I re-read the entire thread again and again and i am dumbfounded by all this. This is really beyond insanity at this point. I deleted everything because i only read the first 3 pages and forgot to read page 3-5. first of all. @Lilu What's your opinion about all this that's happening in page 4-5? Also i hear sayings like "if you are lazy don't play" "if you don't have time, do not dare to play tourneys". This is the VERY first time hearing a small number of people blocking everyone else from joining tournaments. I cannot even fathom a community and the staff members would make such a "fascist like" decision. At best this would split the pvp community to even smaller pieces than it was before but at worst which is the most probably it will COMPLETELY destroy what little remains on competitive pvp. And no, no matter how much you sugarcoat this, the arena settings has no right to be called competitive at all.It's just a money facade which i have 0 interested in affiliating myself into. Depending on what happens with this kind of logic will decide if i stay in Void or not.If you people want to completely destroy the pvp community(even the small people we have) i will officialy leave this game for good.And remember if you ask yourselves "why are not having any players playing competitive?" you will now know the reason. I am pretty sure that there will be an army of you elite pvper who are going to try to take appart whatever i say(i even know what point you will meke before hand) so if you want to, i would prefer to take these to PMs.
  2. Arena rankings mean absolute nothing, no one takes them seriously tbh. That top 10 ranked players would most likely be "top 10 geared players", no one is interested in that.
  3. People when 2.x updates comes, "Eh, empty update." People when the ib rotation comes. "DWIOAUEHQWOHUQ2OI3U3HEC3QHU8I4EFO23QWHFIOHWFTHENEXTIBROTATIONOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!"
  4. There is always the Christmas event where they usually add a +10 event.
  5. It was always allowed because you could easily replace them with loaders, or manually. But now since 2-3 years ago the patcher does not allow you to replace voices and colors. The only way to mod the voices or colours is to "hack" the patcher to allow them. But this method may be used to hack otherwise we would use hack tools to use our mods. You can do it but you can get banned. There is always a way to play elsword with mods but you have to use illegal tools to do so.
  6. So let's break apart your argument: As stated by other users this suggestion was made prior to winter event, no need to further analyze that. Unless void states such a think, beliefs does not matter.This is the reason the suggestion section exists in the first place, otherwise there would be no need for this section. Void staff are not always right when it comes to decisions, if you remember the ed ticket wipe incident you will know what i am talking about. I would also like to know what you think are their motives not implementing those changes. 1)You are right that some mods are straight garbage, but this is personal preference.People like different things and want to try everything their class offers them.In fact some of them might be labeled as garbage because no one has these skills available to test them. EX:FP's trick shot is a very good pvp/pve tool for it's damage and utility, so i checked elwiki for the mod and at first it seemed average A.K.A not worth 500 mil(mod books costed 500 mil back then).Up till recently we learned that it has some inv frames on it like elsword's roll, which of course makes it much better compared to normal. To conclude only my first point, there is no reason to lock our character's kit by a 200-400 mil(100 mil per book) ED.Void gains nothing from this, in fact making these books more accessible might help change the pvp meta(it's a good thing, trust me) or even like a class for these changes.It's literally a win-win situation. 2)You would be surprised by how many chars i test for their pvp.But as you can imagine i cannot test everything because i do not have 2.5 bil ed to spare just so i can play the entire kit of my class. 3)While i agree with that last about research i would like to say as an experienced player that some things might seem good/bad on paper but they aren't.You will have to test them on action in order to get the full picture. Why is it unfair?Is it unfair to those who paid for them beforehand?If that's the case......did you by any chance payed a lot for these mods, or you are making a fortune by selling them?If your answer is yes, we found why you do not want this suggestion. Ok i covered more or less everything. I still can't see a reason not to implement this suggestion whatsoever. Furthermore you have not pointed anything negative to this suggestion brings like "it will ruin the economy" etc. Don't get me wrong, i do not try to attack you, but if you thing that this suggestion will do bad things more than good i would like you to give us a very good sound proof about it, for example, "it will ruin the economy, this is why" or "this suggestion is not good because it will have these bad result..." you get what i am trying to say, i hope. Sorry for the long post but it is very important to write all these.
  7. I see people -1 because "we are lazy" or "if everything is free, you will find it boring" so here are some reason this suggestion MUST be implemented: 1)People have the misconception that we are talking about force skills/passives, no we are not talking about them at all, force skills/passive should stay as they are now. 2)It's part of our class and toolkit it's not something extra like HH that you use like a bonus damage, i even wonder why they weren't free(5 mil) like the others. 3)Grinding:You may have +10/+11 but guess what, a good percentage of our community does not have a good gears, hell vamimyr gear difference is so astronomically large that i cannot farm it WITH MY +10 AND 300.000 COMBAT POWER, and mind me i am a good FP pver. 4)RNG IS BAD GAME DESIGN, i would agree making it a craftable aka you know how much time you need to invest for it.Mods should not be blocked by endless grindfests and rng based farming we are not officials. 5)We need a lot of them:I tend to try many different subs to know if i like them or not, guess what wasting 400 mil at least to unlock all my skills on 1 character is not something i would like to do.And if i want to try as many i chars i can create THAT'S 5.2 BIL ED wasted only to check my characters kit, seem fair? Example:I recently discovered how good mod leg shot is, i wouldn't even know about it if it wasn't for that 1 FP i pvped against which had an advantage over me thanks to that mod. 6)Tournaments supported richer people, because they had better ib's and sockets, which was allowed during older tourneys, however because it was deemed unfair for poorer/newer players the rules changed so that only 1 costumes set is allowed and the basic pvp gears.For the same reason now some richer people have access to some good mod skills that may drastically affect the character's performance in pvp while poorer people do not. 7)Void is a private server:Our main attraction has always been to avoid hindering our gameplay experience through pay walls(b-slots/necklaces/costumes/skill quests/job changes) like officials does.What do you think is better, bring more people to the game by making the mods more accessible or satisfying some greedy players because that's what's all about. In the first place we could completely remove the rng from this game by making every part of the game progression based rather than rng based.I can say that from experience because that's what good MMORPG games actually do. I would like to also point out that regardless of what the GM's might say, you must continue supporting your suggestion.Except if a GM says that it is completely impossible you should never give up.
  8. If void was indeed dying we wouldn't be here, and neither i would. While i agree the game has issues, it's gameplay is just so unique that i probably won't find it anywhere else. This comes into the form of pvp.We as players pushed the game's mechanics to it's outmost limits and as a result we got some impressive to see tourneys that are greatly underestimated. If it wasn't for the pvp aspect being so interesting and unique the game would have died 2 years after it's release.
  9. Undercutting by a large amount will most likely make other sellers buy what you sold and resell it at a higher price. I can say that because i also do that. I see some people selling for example blue shards 1/5 of the lowest prices, i just instantly buy the shards and sell them to get profit. This is also the reason i undercut by 1 ED, also people prefer 199.999.999 instead of 200.000.000
  10. Hey i got my acc banned so i had to start from scratch 1 year ago. I have made a total of 3 bil without cashing even once. The only thing you need is knowing how market works and you can profit a lot from it. Also having the rich people buying these potions helps the ED inflation we have so that ice burner sets or AP rates stay low and steady.
  11. my iq dropped by 100 from this post.......
  12. I said in a different post my opinion about craftable +10. I understand that void does not want +10 to be easily achieved but void guess what, no one buys flurorites to upgrade to +10, what they all do is either enchanting from +7/+8 with blacksmith to get an rng +2/3 enhancement for the +10. and they can do it without spending a single $, in fact my 1st account was banned 1 year ago and i created a new one and got both +11 and +10 weapons without cashing at all. They do buy fluorites however to upgrade from +10 to +11 because there no other way even with blacksmith. also as i said on my other post having +10 is a requirement in vamymir i think it's only fair to make +10 craftable.
  13. Elsword as it is now has a problem with late game. The gear requirements are not well balanced at all. if we start with the first lategame content which is SD's i would grade them based on gear required with 2 We then go to heroics which get graded at 3 together with henir. We then have add energy theory aka pepsiman which comes with an 4 That's ok for now but... Elrianode goes to 6 because el tower defense get's spiked in damage and difficulty. But oh boy we go to the first 4 dungeons of vamimyr which the grade goes to 9 where your +10 4d or a +9 void with heroic is completely useless, making you farm elrianode gears for ages, if not forever. and then the raids.... which in my opinion gets 12. Man fuck +10, +11 void with +10 elrianode is the minimum requirement for raid parties, let's not forget that you must have the most OP ib's/titles/accessories. And do not lie about it, those who are looking for raid members only want +11. Regardless, the raids also need discord to keep up with the mechanics and coordination. So if you ask me if it's ok to make +10 craftable?When the gear REQUIREMENT for vamymir is guys are not stupid i am going to let you think. +1