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  1. Res
  2. Mine's pho, a Viet noodle dish Pizza is good too though!
  3. Hiya Pit, nice to meet you too~ What's your favorite food?
  4. Welcome to Void and the forums! Nice to meet you~
  5. Welcome back to Void and nice to meet you too!
  6. Contest: Void Designer Theme: Delicious Desserts Description: Dress up as your favorite dessert! Cakes, pies, ice cream...there are many tasty treats to choose from! Additional Details: N/A
  7. +1 I love all of their wings
  8. Welcome to the forums! I like your name btw~
  9. Welcome to Void, nice to meet you and hope you enjoy it here~!
  10. Welcome back, hope you enjoy it here again!
  11. I have over 25 characters, but only about 4 of them are geared/funded
  12. Hi there and welcome back~!
  13. Just burned 60 IBs 50 were all character and I got Eve CM top, Rena CM top, and Elesis gloves 10 were per character and I got Rose CM hair and shoes So yea, the new rates are amazing
  14. Welcome to the forums Brolly~!
  15. Welcome and nice to meet you Yimasu~!