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  1. Welcome to Void! The PvP sucks here, but hope you enjoy it anyway
  2. IGN: CherrySoda Items Used:
  3. I remember you. Didn't you make a few discussion threads in the random section? And welcome back!
  4. Hi

    Welcome to the forums Andi!
  5. @Structure I haven't gotten my EC from photographer yet, and it's been a little over a week. I understand there was the 2.0 update, so I'm just wondering when it'll be sent out

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    2. Cherry Soda

      Cherry Soda

      I don't know what Wub Wub is and I've never played Pac Man, so I guess I'm missing out

      Btw, feel free to message me on Discord since I check that more often than here

    3. alfalfalfa


      I never got interest on Discord, or any things made just to communicate with other human beings. Don't take care tho, I do also check forums not too much, kinda why I sometimes take 1 whole day to answer(sorry).

      With Wub Wub I mean Dubstep, I thought it was kind of obvious

      also dis is the pacman intro, literally just 5 secs.




    4. Cherry Soda

      Cherry Soda

      Oh yea, I think I've heard the intro before but it was a ringtone or something

      I like the old music from those pixelated games. Forgot what they're called though

  7. Nice to meet you Hyosang, and welcome to the forums!
  8. Definitely not the red one in the IM since it wouldn't be so rare anymore The other ones could be put in as a mini-event sale or something
  9. Hey

    I think we were in the same party before? I was the NW named Screech Welcome to the forums~!
  10. Probably just weapons for my Rose and Aisha I don't know if I can get enough to craft the accessories too
  11. IGN: CherrySoda
  12. If you're still reading this thread, I hope everything gets better for you. We've never talked before, but if you need someone to rant to, I'd be willing to listen.
  13. Welcome back!
  14. Welcome to Void and the forums, nice to meet ya and hope you enjoy it here~!
  15. Bye and enjoy your break!