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  1. [Official] Event Theme Suggestion Thread

    Contest: Elrios Photographer Theme: Your Worst Nightmare Description: Everyone has something they're afraid of. Take a picture of your character's worst fear or a frightening moment! Additional Details: N/A Already been done as "Nightmares".
  2. Make Mana Mint Bubble Gum Tradable

    +1 I didn't even know it was untradable tbh
  3. Hello :D

    Welcome to Void! It's great to have you here~
  4. Hi everyone~ ❤

    Welcome to Void and nice to meet you! Hope we can be friends~
  5. Winter Event & New Year Suggestion

    I feel like the crafting costs and high snowflakes screws over new or casual players. I know it's a month long event, but there's still people who can only afford to play for an hour or two per day. Some of the crafts are really nice though. Overall, I'm neutral on this.
  6. More active/am back~

    Welcome back TechiiZone!
  7. How Much ED you lost

    None, I haven't played much in the past month
  8. Puh, Finally Back

    Hi and welcome back!
  9. Just passed my driver's test! So happy~

  10. First Topic First Day

    Welcome to Void Altheria! \o/
  11. Perpente on the Board!

    Welcome to Void!
  12. How much ED do you have?

    A little over 600m, but my costumes are worth around 4b
  13. I'm back~ owo7

    Welcome back to Void!
  14. Le Poof

    I like sugary things too Welcome to Void~!
  15. Hello from the other side

    Congrats and good luck on being a mod!