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  1. Viprin sucks ass dont listen to him :^) 

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      ew what


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      you dont know how to dab?! gosh rodri you are so bad

  2. Tbh i have a insane guild mate that actually has full +10 henir gear and he is actually kinda god o3o
  3. Is there anyway pipiload can refund you? Because its been 2 days and i want a refund now QQ

    @VoidEls   @Lilu  

  4. Please fix how long nauens music keeps on going like even if you exit out of her shop she wont stop singing for the next 2 minutes owo It gets annoying after awhile
  5. LF> my topic My salt brings all the boys to the yard move to pvp discussion or whatever its called

    if cant please lock ^^

  6. To all those people saying why is this in suggestions its because i dont know much about the forums and i barely do stuff on it. Sorry this is in suggestions- >.>
  7. Disclaimer: You do NOT have to read this, this is just a rant and tip for those getting negative comments in pvp xoxo Ok so i'd like to point out the fact in pvp if you are one of those people who talk back and make a big deal out of this shitty game and pvp and im not talking DURING pvp im talking about after pvp. They are just mad they either lost probobly. No matter what the cause is you dont take stupid shit to the whisper lmao. Do NOT reply even if you had lost and someone has said "git gud :^)". Do NOT argue. You can say a few things but dont be a baby about it. I just had a fight earlier with a EM and she knew she lost then she won the next time and she started call me names lmao and she said i lost like 2 times when i won the first by runner up we all fell and we hit each other with staff she died i had like 100hp left. Then she started being rude and calling me names and i gave her tips. And she replied back with "EM spam spam spam" when i wasnt even talking about that. I shouldn't have given her tips if she was so rude. I said for her to use meteor and lightning chain. So yeah. DONT TAKE NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO WHISPER IF YOUR THE ONE GETTING BACK THE WHISPER YOU REPLY BY AND SAY SMA AND BLOCK THEM DONT JUST ACT LIKE YOUR BLOCKING THEM BECAUSE THATS JUST STUPID
  8. Anyone know the % rate or rarity for the ib sets in the IM? (Per character) ones 1 2 & 3
  9. LF>Lock on my Level up cube thread and Emilay Foundation ;v

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      Locked both c:

  10. Why do you need to be level 80 or atleast i think you need to be level 80 to get the 1st level up cube when they give us lvl 35 gear in it. Please do 10-20+? quq. Really upset you have to be 80 to get the 1st cube
  11. Amphie... WHY IS YOUR PROF SO FUCKING CUTE :^(((

  12. Gonna be inactive for awhile guys!