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  1. Hi, im a Elsword player since 2012. I remember back in 2015, i was running void elsword at 40-50 fps all the time, no problems. Since recent updates (i dont remember what is the luciel update) i got like 3 fps in HoB. 3. fucking. FPS. Ok, i think its only that dungeon problem. Then i enter in The Hollow (ranox last dungeon) and i got almost LESS fps. I was like wtf is this optimization KoG? back in 2015 i had 40-50 fps all the time with the same computer, even in HoB. Seriously, wtf is this. And now comes the worst thing i see... i enter in Perkisas and got 1 fps, impossible to play and stressing. So, its void server problem or its bad optimization? i dont tried in official servers because i uninstall ES and NA server (so much cancer especially ES) Also, sorry for my bad english, its not the best, i know.