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  1. Does Voidflix get a long delay?
  2. Haha selfish? I'm just saying my opinion. But alright if you see me like that np.
  3. So it's too hard for you? I'm honest I just had like 100+ combo clips to get 1 good combo, but if you want to win (or enter) you need to work hard. I can understand that this event could be 'too hard' for some people, but it's a chance for people which are interested it to it. For casual player, they are events like Void Design and Void Arist. And well you don't need to enter every event tho. Breaks are good too
  4. Well, if you can't fill up your video with a combo, why do you enter a Combo event then? I think you should know what comes. I'm a person which uses a lots of combos and it's a good idea to enter this event tho. You don't need to use Aisha tho. Try with Els, Ele or someone else. One example of my work. https://youtu.be/PI_kH-JCv7I
  5. I think only 1 combo, like mine combo is 47 sek long, but it's possible.
  6. Well you are only allowed to show 1. But maybe you have luck somehow. I can't say much to this.
  7. I think if you post something, 'you' should make the combos? Well you don't need to use Aisha tho.
  8. Feels good to be done with Voidflix video.
  9. Is it fine if we make the combo video like a little movie? I mean like 10 sek with an intro? Of course the combos comes after that.
  10. Remove your weap. -Use only normal attacks and active skills- TRIGGERED Challenge accepted.
  11. Too confusing '^' I hope you need to make with 1 char many combos like a Combo movie. Pls let it be like this..
  12. I was going to ask if you can have more than 1 combo in the video, but I was going to ask your question too.
  13. Do we need to do 1combo or more like an Combo video (with many ones) for the Voidflix event?
  14. F4K3

    [Event] Voidflix

    Voidels Combo video by F4K3 IGN: F4K3 IGN of sparring partner: LordPsycho Programms: Bandicam, Sony Vegas -I hope people will see how fancy you can play, anyways its not only a showing of act. Its a video were you can see a true Add player-
  15. Do we need to use one of these four elements or can we use others too?