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  1. Summer Elboy IGN: Po More screens Used items
  2. well no one cares about things that happend few years ago and i feel like you are the only person that still complains about things that happend FEW Y E A R S ago
  3. so you all believe thats inaste cuz a discord sceen shows that the person was saying he is inaste for real?
  4. not everyone that hacks or scams is inaste yall life in a bubble or what to think every hacker/scammer is inaste inaste is gone and im Chuck Norris btw
  5. your excuse is just that you cant do raid because your pc is too shitty for it you think its fair that players like you get the foj basically for nothing that has nothing to do with the raid concept the raid is supposed to be hard or difficult to do instead of throwing your money in custom stuff maybe throw it in either gear or better pc parts you dont even have to buy a whole new pc and the requirements of elsword are not high at all the game/void isnt goiing to crawl up your ass and is like here for those guys who cant do raids here is the option to get the weapon without doing the RAID it has nothing to do with selfish we all spent some money for a pc that is somewhat decent and also spent money on gears if you dont want to do this at all that is selfish the world doesnt revolve around you
  6. "Hannah" thats a big Y I K E S anyway hello .. trap
  7. welcome to india technican support how i can help you