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  1. there is not even a full server during events lol maybe just maybe there is only 1 server full when a bigger update came out u prob guessed wrong you are the only person with that problem no need for a "afk kick system"
  2. apple and karis fans are just bitching around cuz they are loosing they picked them so its their own fault no need to "fix"
  3. apple and karis fans are just offended
  4. if it was the same character i could understand it every female character got those items so you could go to every person that using the same top, bot, shoes or whatever its the same meanwhile i didnt even know that ara was there people should like what they think looks better, personal preference some people like elesis more or ara
  5. Neexxt

    Musical Sheets

    welp its your fault though you had nearly 1 month to exchange them and now your crying lmao