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  1. Nishyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
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  3. Well thats good ><
  4. ⬜ You're like literally the only calm person here with a nice comment here... At least u explained of why u like the MW⬜ Thank You^^
  5. Lol Sorry its my favorite color xD I never said anything about wearing the void wep as a costume ur not understanding even if its bright at least read it...
  6. When ppl reach lvl 99 i mostly see a lot of ppl take their gear off bcuz im guessing they're probably bored or something so why not take ur costumes off and wear the gear itself also too.
  7. I dont play NA anymore so i dont look on their websites nor log onto the game to look at MW. Lol thats not even the point of this subject i made lmao im stating how i feel about the update
  8. Theres no need to take it seriously im just stating how i feel about the update i said i THOUGHT MW was for costumes ONLY since theres a lot of costumes in the wardrobe i think ur not understanding and reading it wrong and there is no logic in my subject :/
  9. ⬜imo the fact that you can MW the void wep is disgusting its not even a costume wep i thought MW is supposed to be for costumes only but now i thought wrong i dont see how you people can be happy with this when u can just unequip ur costume and wear the gear itself. What was the reason to even MW the void wep like i dont completely understand are u changing the Magic Wardrobe to Magic Wardrobe Everything? I actually really prefer for the magic wardrobe to be used for costumes only not gear and costumes. It just seems weird and ugly... Its just plain gear but for the people thats happy then good for you^^ but this is just my opinion.
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    Too all the amazing friends in my discord friends list

                              ★Have a nice day!★

  11. ⬜Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<33333⬜ heeewwwoooooooooo

  13. ◘Ooooooooooooomigerd im sooo bored e we...◘


  14. ◘Best of Luck poopy Dooooooooo UwU◘ ~I Luv u ` ^` even tho we dunt know each other but we're people!~