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  1. ◘Leaving this here just in case Enjoy!◘



  2. Snickers


    Chu Found ME thread! Hello Lovely people im remaking a guild thread bcuz i didnt like the other one :3!! As chu can see this guild contains some few people that speaks/talks unu and i want to recruit a lot of people that will talk and be active :(( but its very impossible to find people thats very active :thinking: Guild Name v [MemorizedFuture] GM Name v ♥Nojii♥ Adminastors v ArinYunomi (Still looking for more Admins ;-;) ♠Guild Rules♠ v No parking/leaving your character in guild No Bad Mouthing the guild mates No starting DRAMA Be nice to everyone uwu♥ Last but not least! No stealing from Guild Bank! ♥Intro Information♥ v Name/Nickname: IGN: Age{Totally Optional}: Gender{Totally Optiona}: Class: Role: About You: If you want to add extra in ur intro you can! Its Allowed ' ^' Ermmm lets see we joke around, rp, guild sparring, Minigames, Expedition, mess with each other etc etc! :D Pretty much this guild is WHERE ur accepted in any type of gender! ' ^' yes we do accept helicopters too! ◘We go wild and crazy mostly somewhat weird XDD and we have a famous rich person and his name is Jack Sparrow's Son LOL i even gave him a role for dat and yeah when you join discord u can ask for your own personal role and COLOR too! we looooove to hang out with each other a lot uwu◘ ◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘ ♥Give dis Gurl a Yummy Cookie call!♥
  3. O! Heewwwoooooo!! >w< welcome to void! Hope chu enjoy ur stay :333 you can add me if chu want IGN:Nojii
  4. I wanna buy costumes from ed shop ouo
  5. 56f08bb050585c4861f499fc_57a831c01f8777757c6ca33b_320.jpg.48c38c8620d813ce5b276f11af1ac517.jpg

    :syobonyanSit: Jii would like some cookies pwease<3333

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      Cute ~! *hands over some cookies* ouo7

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      Hehehe tank youuu<33

  6. Ty^^ and i like ur pfp btw
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    Looking for a Guild

    LOL i found this funny
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    Awww tank youuuu
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    Welcome to my page people^^ This is my first time making a guild and I'm recruiting~ [MemorizedFuture] I've made a guild where people can accept other people for who they are or what they are. It doesn't matter if you are different from other people. I want my guild to be fun,amazing,positive,helping, etc. Any problem that comes our way we will help you solve them^^ I want people to feel welcomed and comfortable to the point the guild is their one and only home for them to be there. I don't know if this is attractive or it will catch your eye but i hope some people will join soon so that we can have fun with each other and make jokes and stuff^^. Rules: Respect/Care for others peoples feelings! No Bad mouthing people! Do not leave your character in guild and be gone for 10 days without leaving a notice in sever! No asking for a channel where u post Nudes and other stuff is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!! Guild Master: Nojii Admin: None Server Admin: None If you want to join please let me know Asap! Or you can message me My discord name is Discord:Grinded{TMS}#4681 Thanks for reading!