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  1. Not that it matters anyways. @LordGostone Will carry us to our victory my fellow Ignia followers
  2. Imagine thinking 40 mats for 1 newt is a fair exchange. Lolcantrelate. That’s approx. 2.5 newts from GoD+quest and 7.5 newts from henir. So all dailies will get you a cute 30 minutes of newts. Do you hear how unfair that is????
  3. Damn not to be biased Shi but I'm gonna be biased and say that you're gonna be the best mod We're all happy for you at CinnamonRolls and hope the community will appreciate you as much as the guild appreciate you. uwu Good luck sweetie
  4. Let me know when you're online and I'll invite you asap!
  5. I'll be home to invite you in about 40 mins. Feel free to dm me your discord and I'll add you there too!
  6. Damn I've missed u cho wtf u really gonna leave us like that??
  7. Nerf gos' suggestions you've been on a roll lately +69 on everything
  8. I agree on everything. Events should be including people, not excluding :^(
  9. Does 11-5 require 3 entries during this event? Or only 1 like the other events :0
  10. Good luck in real life, hope you'll not stress too much over school and work since i know how it feels OTL Ign; Zilpha I thought the items looked cute and would love to use them for my eve.
  11. Hihi~ Welcome to our guild! I'll be sending a friend request so you can have an invite to our guild server first!