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  1. Welcome to VoidEls! Enjoy your stay c:
  2. Iirc, we decided not to make icons. If it so happens that making some for discord would be fine, we could, but I highly doubt we would. Personally, the reason I would reject it is because you have to recognize that its the VoidEls official discord. Changing it up every month may result as confusing.
  3. PhysicsTM


    @MiKuElsVoid We do not know if or when future content will come out. I'll be locking this up.
  4. :3 hiii Physics owo how are you doing aaaaannnnd how are you feel :3:eveBlush:

    1. PhysicsTM


      Hello, I'm doing fine, thank you

  5. It doesn't have to say "Welcome Laby", Laby just needs to be involved, so anything goes. As for WIPs, you don't have to have too details WIPs, destructuring your layers is fine too (Background -> renders on top -> with curves -> etc), up to you And you're free to do whatever, but know that the better it looks together the higher the chances for it to be picked (Not neccessarily, but preferred, imo)
  6. The IGN mentioned is always the IGN you want to get the EC on (So yes, an IGN on your account)
  7. As long as Laby is the main focus no need to worry about Nisha, so long her "physical" form isn't shown, mirror is fine. But yes, you're welcome, I'm glad I could clear that up~
  8. It depends on what you mean exactly. Normally, having the same idea is possible, as long as it's not 100% identical or seems copied. If you mean using the same art/fanart, that's fine, so long so your idea is unique.
  9. Yes, it has to say "Master of Graphics" in the header. If you want any "prop" text in the background, that's allowed. So long it's clear that it's the header to MoG! I thought it was quite self-explanatory, but I hope this clears it up. Anyone who has questions regarding MoG is free to ping me for some explanations!
  10. Heya~ This is fully allowed according to the rules
  11. As per request,
  12. It's fine to use the mirror Nisha, as long as it's not the path dedicated to her or a Nisha fanart! So long it's focused on Laby it's alright
  13. A good tip would be to search before starting, to spare you the time of re-doing something
  14. Pinterest is not a valid source most of the time since it just gives you search results like the google image search engine. It needs to be clear whether it's the original artist or not! (Twitter, Instagram, Pixiv, Tumblr, ...) as long as it's not reposted. So yes, it would count as a disqualification unless you change the image to something you do have a clear source to.
  15. No need to fill it up completely, it only has to be that size. Transparency is ok!