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  1. PhysicsTM

    Official GFX Contest(?)

    B u m p
  2. PhysicsTM


    Haven't checked in ages but upgrade scrolls are barely worth anything up to +8, from +9 and so on it gets to around 200M last time I checked
  3. PhysicsTM


    Heroics are still valid but the elrianode set is the best rn w/ el tears
  4. PhysicsTM


    Welcome back to void! Market prices always changes so that's not something we could answer but it's definitely cheaper than most servers I know of. You can also always PC> something in the market thread if there's anything you have in specific you'd like to sell or check the board. As for other things, I use LoW w/ SR combo but it depends from char to char and what stat you are aiming for
  5. PhysicsTM

    New to void!

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay! Also no, Laby is a
  6. PhysicsTM

    Official GFX Contest(?)

  7. PhysicsTM

    Ariaya has arrived!

    It doesn't matter what you put as your profile/cover/signature as long as it follows the general voidels rules (no NSFW, ...) Welcome to the forums!
  8. PhysicsTM

    Increase Profile Picture Size

    Normally you shouldn't have any quality loss if you put the image in paint and compress it to JPEG (unless it's already JPEG, then the only option you have left is making it smaller) But still it would be nicer to not have to compress every time so +1 from me
  9. PhysicsTM

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    It's not that it's too hard for her, what she is trying to convey is simply that not everyone is capable of joining because of the rules, even if they tried their best. Even if you're not a casual player, it doesn't mean it's simple. Events are made for them to be accessible for a large amount of people, not for just 1-2. Voidflix could be a very fun event for everyone, since making videos can bring out a lot of creativity, It'd be a shame if it got shutdown just because the rules were unreasonable.
  10. PhysicsTM

    Official GFX Contest(?)

  11. PhysicsTM

    Official GFX Contest(?)

  12. PhysicsTM

    Official GFX Contest(?)

  13. PhysicsTM

    Official GFX Contest(?)

    b u m p
  14. PhysicsTM

    idk hi

    Welcome to void enjoy your stay try not to die putting 5 socks in won't be enough