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  1. Will be away for a week starting tomorrow.
    07/09 ~ 07/16
    You're free to message me or ping me but I shall not reply until I am back.

  2. Please do not defame users, as it is against the rules and may lead to a warning point.
  3. Hello everyone, Mod Phy here with our monthly Void's Master of Graphics! Do you have a passion for Graphic designs (GFX)? Do you want to your beautiful designs to be seen? If you thought "yes" just now, then this event might be what you're looking for! This thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Do not derail the thread. Any questions/comments/discussions should be posted in the Event Discussion Thread. Prizes: If you've won and haven't received your EC within a week, please contact me! GFX Banner: 1st Place: 8,000 El coins! Poster: 1st Place: 8,000 El coins! Rules: All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here]. We are more strict during Official Events! Below are the Event specific rules. 18+ content is not allowed. You're allowed to enter each category but you can only win one. Please stay original. (Don't copy somebody else's idea) Don't steal GFXs from other sites (DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc) Do not reuse old designs. The entry should be made only for this contest. Your GFX should be a still image (static) unless the theme states otherwise. Use the correct dimensions for your GFX stated in the theme. You are allowed to use: FanArt, Official art, in-game models and MMD models. Note that it can be only Elsword related. If you use FanArt or MMD models make sure to credit the owners in your entry. If you do not know the artist, you can search them [Here] If you happen to use FanArt or MMD models and do not credit them you will be disqualified. Same goes for the given dimensions. Add your in-game name to your post so we know who to send the EC to if you win. Your entry must adhere to the theme listed. If you want to "vote" for a specific entry then click the "Like" button. Having the most likes isn't an auto-win but they definitely help us. This is a Submissions thread so please keep all discussions, suggestions, and questions in the threads below under "Other Void Event threads". Don't go off-topic in this thread, it will not be tolerated. Please post entries only, or you may receive a warning point/ban. Reservations are allowed, but please make sure to edit your reserved post with your entry. Do not submit a "joke" entry. It will be immediately disqualified and may eventually lead to a warning point. If reservations with no entries are seen in succession, it may fall under post farming and you may be liable for a warning point. Deadline: 6/17/19 to 7/17/19 (11:59 PM CET) Entry Template Example: [IGN]* [Title of entry] [GFX]* (Up to all 3 categories) [WIPs] [Art Credits]* The items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered mandatory! Monthly Theme: Black & White Suggested by [Mikastiel] Colors are fancy, but what about black and white? Make an entry in black and white! You're allowed to use some color hints, but in small quantities. Required Dimensions: GFX Banner is a maximum of 600x300. The 4 Smaller banners require a size of 600x150. (Rules, Prizes, Theme and Winners.) Poster is a maximum of 1920x1080 or 1080x1920 (horizontal/vertical). You're allowed to change the width of (1080x1920, vertical) by a maximum of 230px and the height of (1920x1080, horizontal) by 157px. Making it smaller by given max. changeable size is also allowed. Other Void Event threads: Event Theme Suggestion: [Here] Void Event Discussion: [Here] Last month's winners: > Format = IGN [Forum name] IGN = Entry, Forum name = Profile. Two winning entries! GFX Banner: Extreme413 [Extreme413] Cover Art: Densgirl [Densgirl] Honourable Mentions: While there were several other excellent entries, these are the ones that came close to winning but just didn't quite make it. GFX Banner: [PhysicsMiimzyuwu] Cover Art: [viruscode] List of the previous winners: 2019:
  4. Please do not necro threads. A thread that hasn't been replied to in 2 weeks is considered dead. I'll be locking this up.
  5. OwO you changed again your Backround + Profile >w< still cute :D

    1. PhysicsTM


      Indeed~ Thank you :Coco_Bird_24:

  6. So long it's a naturally born element it's fine Not things such as "This pokémon is a grass type so TECHNICALLY", no. Hope that clears it up!
  7. Hello, your bump hasn't passed 24h yet. Please make sure to wait at least 24h before posting your next bump. This is part of the revamped rules, 3rd page rule has been removed. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. Yes, so long it's entirely Elsword related!