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  1. Hels

    [Nocturne] - No sleep

    IGN: I'll start with "HellsHaven", but I'll let you decide which of my 3 Elbrats is handsome devil. Name/What you want to be called: "Hels" would be dandy. Timezone:(Optional) : PST, my mental clock cares not for it tho. Reason for joining(Optional): I optionally say because this is the first one I clicked and I'm really not feeling it to read other fancy guild threads out of laziness. Also skimming through this thread was funny and I want to give this shindig a try with you mango's. Plus I feel Nocturnal is an understatement of my sleep schedule, so I toke the name as a challenge. That I quietly accept. Tell us a little about yourself: Young old man adult that classifies as goal oriented without passion. Novice story writer delving into game design as a major, currently lazying about with my new gaming desktop I threw together. Uh, I actually own a Compound Bow and I have raised possibly over 50 fluff-able cats. I want a Husky to use as a guard pillow. I like fighting games. Used to be a pvp enthusiast on this game, so hit me up if you want to suffer through it together. Pls have Ethernet, not that it matters on here anyway. What will you be expecting from this guild?: Are you saying I'm a lonely cat man?! Some laid back good times chatting with you guys and running random stuff in this game to possibly maintain my interest in it as a returning player. Overall expecting to make some new online buds cause I lack those. I'm not that wholesome, but I shall limit myself. I am mature.
  2. Thank you! I'll be checking to see if I can get back into the groove of this. That sucks about the modding restriction. Such a passionate modding community back then. Ok wow, this man should drop this and focus his luck on lottery tickets for real bank. That is both insane and awesome to hear. Yeah, I can afford to eat now?! Thank you for the offer and I'll hold you up to that for your advice on current and end game info.
  3. Retired for nearly 3 years and I got curious about wither my dress up dolls stuff still exist. Really surprised it does. So a bit of introduction of this not yet old man. Old Old veteran. First played Elderp during S1 NA server, so like right after Chung release when I was an actual newb to the game. Geez, now that it's a new year, that's 7 years ago if I'm not senile yet. Stuck with Elboy as an LK main from the very beginning. I'm pretty sure I joined Void during its first year when I sought refuge from the toxic NA of the time. Also I'm competitive and love to pvp in general, but yeah this game got too ridiculous to enjoy as a try hard and got bored. Got me into fighting games like Tekken though. Also I just built me a dam good PC, so also got me a bit curious to try this out on it out of nostalgia. So with that, any up to date players recommend me to run away again while I can or check all the new stuff out? I left before the whole guild housing stuff was implemented to give a time reference. Is the economy actually affordable to live in now without cashing in? Is Ramen still making bank out of a business reliant on pure luck? Most importantly for me tho, I noticed there isn't a modding thread in the arts section anymore, so did void change policy with that? Mods is what kept me going in the home stretch, so I hope not. Well, I would have to update, modify, and make new mods for hours with all the new content anyway. Anyway, haiyo and nice to re-introduce myself to the current generation and I'm open to new drinking buds in my most likely dead and or barren friend list. Bet you can't make me for more old! We'll see how long this lasts. Edit: Just checked and my last post was in 2k16. Dam, more make me feel old material for you.
  4. Hels


    You guessed correctly. I just got the 200 down plan with them recently but thats wut im getting... Well its still waay better than At&shiet
  5. Hels


    Still gets people with 2 sec hit delays and transporting Randumbs in pvp que. Sticking to spar. My net even goes up to 35 down on good days. This is making me sweat magic salt.
  6. I don't see the issue with this Now I dont have to deal with randumbs long live this
  7. Ofc Add somehow Lp doesnt bother me to much (needs more punches tho) but Add can DiE however. Adds overall are boring Ravens somehow naturally annoy me more so BM cause I think he has bs hitbox range n hitstun with his slashes while Im here with LK where I cant escape his slashes while when I fkn catch n slash he jumps out whenever the fk he wants...... But depends on who is the pilot too. Fighting other LK`s that are lazy and scrub piss me off somehow
  8. *puts hand up* I wish to join said guild. Although its an alt Ive been on Iron Princess alot and currently on since Ive been making and twicking a voice and UI mod I made for her since genderbent. Said mod I may release soon Its IGN is PainStreak I will make sure its not inactive since I dont like using up guild space that my alts are in so If im not on it I am sure to be on them everyother day no later than 3-4 when managed. But I will be on it awhile for now I`ll help as much as I can when asked Ofc I can be omnipotent so I`ll try Hope to become of your members
  9. fite me and we shall see But I forgot the names of those who are fun that Ive fought
  10. I call it revenge hehe besides I mostly use it as a finisher
  11. Don`t forget noted Mega Slash does insane damage in dest mode. Ive tested it on kalluso boss full dest mode and crit hit full charged and it gave me the damage worth of LK`s final hit of his HA. I also get as high as 30k damage in pvp with it. 50k against adds so its satisfying.
  12. Uuhh thats a nice sentiment and all but this is asking to be salted on. However not everyone complains its mostly just salt being shot around. Besides with broken classes like CrA`s healing and DiE just existing its going to get hate. Also a lot of people who play dis horrible n broken game are around the age of 15 so.....not the best game to expect much from its player base. The only thing goin for it is its addicting by some unknown black magic or sometang
  13. I agree add must DiE. crappy stats...*stares at your add damage* Grat on the S+ now go for S++ or scream at evry DiE trying
  14. Yello and Welcome wit Open arms to dis void. also yes, yes it can be little lonesome but dont fret young one it gets better (or not) but my IGN is my profile name. But I will add ya later since you posted your IGN right dere. I`ll help when I can so don`t hesitate to ask for something and if I don`t mind doing so ^^
  15. Its better on IS mailstrom or GA WindWall thats a troll Rolling Smash. I remember in NA long ass tyme ago I was fighting an IS I was winning and right before he sent Mailstrom I was already in position and launched but I was caught in the suction but nxt thing I knew I kept Trol trol trol trol Rolling smash while pushing him all the way across the wally map was hilarious thats wut killed him too. And after that LK then taught CrA Dread Weapon.