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  1. We as players ruined Void ( inaste and Ferrums are just a case) and are we asking for compensation? sorry but is stupid -1
  2. Really? Because I bought Navillera for Add 4/5 Ver1 Hair and weapon ver2 and he dances, same for Ciel
  3. KoG is against gays/lesbians :c Thank you for reply c: Post can be locked now
  4. Hello everyone my question is How can I marry my Add with a Ciel ? ( I want to see Ciel in my marriage windows instead Lu ) I know same sax marriage is working I married my Ain with another Ain but I can't marry my Add with a CIEL Have a nice day
  5. I want marry my Add with a Ciel but idk how it works xD ( I couple with a Ciel but appears Lu instead in couple windows :c)
  6. like CielxAdd (appears Ciel instead Lu on Marriage windows)
  7. Same Sex Marriage is still bugged? :c or it was fixed with this new updated?
  8. Would Same Sex Marriage be fixed on 1.9?
  9. damn then my gear doesn't work :c thank u for replies
  10. Is maximize/devastation working in lvl 80 gear ??? Some people say me it's bugged atm
  11. +1 sounds good Hero Dungs are really hard but there aren't good rewards so it's a good reason to start to run Hero
  12. People are hacking titles Reaper/OoR and PvP titles there are a lot of players with Painkiller who are new chars or never were S++ or S+ yes there is a hack for it......Hack is killing void (more) sorry for my English
  13. Shadow Step Raven FPS killers Dreadlord Runners Rena