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  1. Then what's the point of doing raid when u can just spam add dung all the time and get the weap
  2. Hey ppl 100% random quests is totally useless in add theory dungeon, let's not vote it x2 add dung ftw, it fits the free +9s yay, am gonna be strong
  3. Handsome


    Just noticed that the thread is unlocked, idk if this thread is still legit or not :eyes:
  4. Glave's Time and Space Cube (face accesory top) Dreamwind - Air Pocket (We have the Dream Command - Water Bubble in MW has the same effect but we don't have the item has the same name of it but we only have the Dreamwind accessory and it can't be stored to MW). Shooting Star Accessory Fluffy Cat Paws (4 types). Apink Aura (Dark & White). Thanks for reading my suggestions.
  5. Why does All others characters have Football Kit in their MW but Add don't have it? Please consider this.
  6. IGN: GudaoLevel/Class: 99/APMain or Alt: Main, I thinkPrevious Guild: Time zone you are in (ie PDT, GMT, etc...): GMT +5Reason for wanting to join: I'm very active at PvE, and this guild this the highest level PvE guild, so I wanna join.Cake or Cookies: Y not both ?Preferred date and time for recruitment: 6pm to 9pm.
  7. Im online are you online right now?

    1. Ulululu


      add me on game, :)