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  1. +1, I like the idea of having stat-less IBs for MW purposes. The real question is is there a way to add just the looks to the MW, or would we actually need a stat-less costume part to then MW? Cause if it's the latter, the one negative I see in this is people could get 2 weapon socket slots from an IB weapon pretty easily depending on how this would be implemented and how you would obtain the IB parts. Of course how big of a negative this is depends on how much an extra weapon socket benefits someone even if the IB weapon itself has no stats and no set effect. I don't think it's big enough to really warrant opposing the idea though, but others may disagree.
  2. Well, not like I had much of a problem with the drop rate beforehand, but, I welcome less farming. Maybe now getting skill clips for all my chars won't be such a ridiculous goal to chase after.
  3. I personally love that this event forces us (no better way to say it that I can think of) to do different dungeons for mats, is a bit refreshing after only doing add theory or hall of el during previous events as those were what I could do the fastest for mats. As for the drop rate, I have yet to have much of a problem with getting multiple mats in either SDs or 11-4. Sure, occasionally get nothing, but most often get at least 2 on average per run. Maybe I'm just incredibly lucky, but I think the drop rate is fine as it is. Note that I only use the void buff and nothing else to boost drop chance. As for add theory, kinda wish you could get it's mats from somewhere else though, as I do have a friend that can't do add theory so they can't make what they want from the event. But, I think the staff come up with a pretty great idea for an event this time, much better than run whatever dungeon ya can do the fastest for as many mats as possible like before. Good luck to all you who are struggling with the drop rate, hopefully if it's just bad rng it will turn around for ya'll.
  4. I main Ain, playing Herrscher the most out of all the job paths, then I have 21 other alts that I occasionally play. All of them are pretty well funded though, Ain being the most funded with a +11 weapon, everyone else having +10 weapons, with my Herrscher having my best elrianode gear set-up, followed by Richter. Poor Bluhen is stuck with my universal heroic armor that I use for all my alts. Have many IB sets for everyone though, cause I never have enough looks for them. This makes me perpetually broke, but I think it's worth it.
  5. Only got two, one for Ain and one for Eve.
  6. +11 Void Pendulum (stage 10, too lazy to grind out stage 11-15). Stats: https://imgur.com/a/vhF8i +10 Elrianode gear 4/4. Stats: https://imgur.com/a/ekVYA Is a work in progress of course, but it's pretty good as is. Have 70% crit and 81% maxi. Take advantage of Ain's stat buffs in stage 3 awakening. (Plus I use blessed giant's elixirs for the extra crit and increased size, mostly for the latter though.) I do use a heroes of speed ring, I just like to have stage 3 awakening when I start a dungeon, I switch it out for the speed ring after.
  7. My goal was getting 10 Mihos. Glad to say after days and days of farming like, 60 apples a day (all I could stand, 60 runs of Hall of El is tiring), I got myself enough apples for 10 Mihos, so mission accomplished. Also got a few winter casual sets, so I'm happy with that. Also went from Resonance level 130 to 164 to yeah. More points to throw into -MP cost, yay.