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  1. Evarlake

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  2. Evarlake

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    So which NPC has the exchanges for Raid stuff?
  3. Evarlake

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    @Yatagarasu Are the statless raid accessories tradeable?
  4. Evarlake

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Yo good suggestion.
  5. Evarlake

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    +9 is useless nowadays. They made the +9 amulet craftable long long ago, before +11 was even implemented or a possibility for enhancement. So why not do the same for +10?
  6. Evarlake

    -Suggestion- Halloween Event (or random event)

    If we are talking OPINIONS wise then say so earlier, as for rarity AA was as rare as MA (now) back then.
  7. Evarlake

    -Suggestion- Halloween Event (or random event)

    I don't think Arch Angel was a good fitting IB 2 years ago for Christmas either, but they did just "give it away" anyway.
  8. Evarlake

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    I am pretty sure, we are getting that this patch lol.
  9. Evarlake

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Is the job change ticket bank sharable or nah
  10. Evarlake

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Nope. The 8/23 patch is included too.
  11. Evarlake

    Fix the ED burner.

    About the 3rd point. I agree to a certain point but I would like old recolors to be rotated first before new ones take place.
  12. Evarlake

    [Official] ED Wipe Discussion Thread

    I've come to the day where I see richies asking for funds ☻...
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