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  1. Thanks for the welcome everyone, I feel so loved <3 I'll just try my luck with the IGN thing, as long as it's allowed I can get something at least with it ;-;
  2. Hi forum? o/ I played VoidEls briefly when it first started, before going back to NA because I was attached to my chars there >: I think it may be time to give Void another try though, so here I am. I have a couple questions I hope the community can answer for me... 1. Is selling IGNs a thing in VoidEls? I know it was in NA, but before I try it out I wanted to make sure it's legal >.< and how much do they go for? 2. Around how much do IBs cost in Void? The prospect of an actually good economy is one of the most tempting things about this server. Thanks in advance for any help!