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  1. Hi Structure long time no see c:

    1. Structure
    2. BibIe


      how you been buddy c:

  2. Oh whoops I apologize as I wasn't sure were exactly to report. Thank you so much Structure♥ 

  3. BibIe


    Was going to give a bump but noticed this was bumped a bit ago. Love the guild thread update o/ S/O to Asali/Fudgy love you guys. ♥ - IGN Servius/Glompie in the guild
  4. They got removed because people would only clear one dungeon in heroics for ED, because back then you could pick what dungeon you wanted, well at least that was part of it I believe. I guess they just wanted to make them harder to get because at the time that was the endgame gear, stuff shouldn't be super easy to get no? But since it's no longer the end game gear I do understand why anyone would want it back. +1 on my end.
  5. I completely understand your reasons for leaving but imo it's either people complain that something is way to easy or way to hard. This is a MMORPG it's supposed to be GRINDY if anything this game recommends taking things at your own pace you don't have to get anywhere super quick smh PS you don't have to per say even care about the payment wall(cough)
  6. I think that's on you, no reason for it to be bankable, how about considering the fact that El Rewards are able to be placed in your shared bank. Should of just placed them all in your bank and moved them to the correct character. Does it suck? of course, but don't expect Void to fix up a mistake on your behalf, always read before you do something next time.
  7. IGN: Luxrima Class: Twilight (I figured I'd try and give this Rena class a chance since she's my least favorite) Language: English, Aramaic, and some Arabic Age: 24 :sobs: feels old About me: So I've been playing Els for quite a while now, a friend of mine introduced me to it a very long while ago. My name is Mariam, most people call me Mari. I started off playing this game as a WS(now Anemos) I'd say I'm pretty friendly and for the most part get along with others. I'm not the best when talking about myself so if anyone has any questions feel free. Why I want to join: To be honest, I've just been wanting to make new friends recently, I do have my own guild, and I'm a member of one of my friends guilds but I do hope it's not a bother if I join you all, I'd love to help out as much as I possibly can. ^^ //PS I'm in game currently.
  8. I'm sorry to see you go but I do understand your reasoning for quitting. Good luck on whatever you decide to do next.♥
  9. I understand you are mad, but things happen. Nothing wrong in starting from zero. Good luck on whatever you choose to do next. PS don't blame the staff read before you salt.
  10. Welcome back to the game, enjoy your stay and if you need help don't hesitate to ask me.
  11. It'll die down eventually (I hope?) maybe the GM(s) can remove them from the board? I'm not sure.
  12. Guys I think I may have encountered a bug or I'm dumb either one sends thread