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  1. Please do not necro threads — a thread that has not been replied to in 2 weeks is considered dead. Kindly check the date of the last post before commenting! Additionally, do not post one-image/word replies as it is considered post farming. I will be locking this thread as of now~
  2. While players are free to share their opinion and/or experience, please do not derail the thread further.
  3. Locking guild thread as per OP's request.~
  4. My apologies for the confusion! Basically, your outfit does not have to be completely pink at all. Pink is a general colour referring to Laby's 1st and 2nd job paths (even though one doesn't have as much pink as the other), + thinking of Laby, the colour pink comes to mind. It's moreso a general term, though by actually going with her palettes (with the different colours and minor pink detail such as EW, for example) is completely relevant and you are free to do that as well. You do not have to make her completely pink! I hope that cleared up your confusion~
  5. Hiya! Apologies for the delay, I've gone ahead and notified the higher-ups about it~ They will send it out once they are available.
  6. Due to your entry being too similar to Ciccina's and it being posted after theirs, I would like to kindly ask you to change your entry. At a glance they are extremely similar -- 3 pieces of your entries are in common (Top, Bottom, Shoes) and are what catches the eye most. It will be seen as unoriginal or copied as it was posted after, regardless of sharing ideas on other platforms. Please refrain from being hostile towards other players for simply pointing out an issue in the event. I appreciate you coming forth about this!
  7. Omg cute intro~ Welcome to the team, Shi! Super looking forward to working with you!
  8. Weeelcome to the team, Phy! Excited to continue working with you~
  9. Welcome to the team, Nai! Really looking forward to continuing to work with you~
  10. Indeed, donezo! Thank you for bringing it up~
  11. My favourite dungeon used to be HoB. That happened when I was grinding the Reaper title, and it became a loss of sanity and an auto-pilot type of thing to the point I actually enjoyed running it. Of course, with friends If I could still get the same amount of ED from it, I might still do it lol
  12. There's no need to be afraid to message me for anything at any time! If you guys haven't received your EC, I will go ahead and be forwarding the message now. My apologies for any inconveniences it may have caused!
  13. I am honestly so excited I can finally finish my Eve's Verglas set. Such a nice look~ (Happy screaming in the distance) Also, good luck to anyone who applies for moderator!
  14. Yeah it is really fun having something specific to dress up to. So satisfying when you find something you love too.. -Remembers times I actually wanted to buy outfits I yoloed- Good times No worries though, I understand. It's only normal to want something to come around sooner than later especially if it's late. ;_;
  15. Hello again, all! Void's Designer is up! Thank you all for your patience and my sincerest apologies. I would also like to state that as it is now the new year, a slight change has been made. The [Weekly] Void's Designer events will now last an exact entire week as opposed to a day or so less. No matter if the thread is posted at a slightly later time than others, the time limit will be the same each time. Though our best will be done to avoid posting it too late from here on out. As stated in an earlier post, the same has been done for the monthly rotational event~ Once again thank you all, and enjoy the events!