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  1. -1 For the same reasons as listed here. Most of the items are tradeable here so there isn't much of a reason to make the materials tradeable. It is also worth nothing that dungeon clearing has become significantly faster over the years. We have 11-5, Energy Fusion Theory, 12-8; All of them with optimal parties/equipment do not take longer than 2 minutes. 2 years ago we struggled to do SDs in 3~4 minutes. The rate of material gathering has become quite fast for this to be even a good money maker. I'd argue that making them tradeable would ruin the potential for money making as well since geared players would just flood the market day 1 and buy materials the last few days when they're cheaper instead of being pressured into getting the 1500 for the +10s first. Also someone as @Sylar said: Hence why I disagree with this suggestion.
  2. I'll just add my 2 cents like everyone here has, you make your own conclusions. My weapon is listed in an archive from the raid discord, it says it took 17 weeks to get. I had to struggle for around 4 months to get it and I was one of the first 10 to ever drop a cube. This was during the early phases of raids, when it was much harder than it currently is. I spent around ~5b in consumables to get it and a lot of hours of my life doing weekly raids and getting tickets for resets. Currently there are people with what you define as a bad computer who are still able to complete said raids, although much harder, as they have less people in their parties as to not crash or play at 1 FPS. My whole point here is; this suggestion fails at pointing a challenge so hard and time consuming that it is not worth considering. Your suggestion would have to be something along the lines of 20k 12-8 runs getting SS, which is a lot more work than getting a foj cube, sure, but it is a guarantee. I've seen people struggle for half a year trying to get said weapon and the idea you propose is only 20 void cubes, a dungeon so easy that even before the warning messages got removed, I was doing in 1:00 playing one handed using 1 recovery potion per run. This suggestion is insulting to the people that have wasted that much time, effort and money. It is also inefficient as most weapon holders usually try to get the accesories as well, since they're the best accessory set in the game; it wouldn't take long for another suggestion like this to appear for the accessories later, complete downgrading the purpose of the content and how hard it is. tl;dr: Suggestion does not reflect the difficulty of getting an actual cube and if it passes it will just create a precedent where people will get the best items in the game through cheaper methods. Either the weapon and accessories stay as they are or the challenge you propose is so massive you deserve to get one.
  3. 4, 6, 7, 9. I can't understand anyone not choosing this other than to troll. Free GoE with a massive potential for profit as well as EXP to grind for a while in shadow vein/debrian laboratory. SDs and Heroics not costing anything or double drops there should be a meme in itself; double drop in energy fusion seems redondant when everyone is doing it for easy cubes now anyways. 5 and 4 or 2, leaning more towards 2. 5 is the best money wise (25*3*8=600 from colored shinings, + 300 from giant shinings, + 100m in wise), while the guild coins could be used to grow a guild, I know guilds like [Fateful] would not pick this option due to the massive amount of guild coins they have, but for smaller guilds this means they could expand or allow constant EXP for people grinding the event and the 800% base EXP + Random missions. 4 is more personal since I already spend too much on consumables and would appreciate earning them just from doing dungeons which I would have done anyways.
  4. Let me level with you for a bit. You want to get this to be a money making method and are glad that is kept like this because the previous system wasn't profitable, that's so far what I've taken from what you have said, correct me if I'm wrong of course. You are fine keeping it at 20 because it will cause a drought in the amount of compressed darkness a day so due to the law of supply and demand prices will rise. So far so good, that makes sense if you think of it in a vaccum. But, we're not in a vaccum and we're not retarded so let's be clear here. The previous system had been in the game for a while, so there must be people with thousands upon thousands of compressed darkness they kept since the selling price was awfully low. So let's say we keep the current exchange rates to make it a "money making method," we're not dumb here so let me ask, who benefits from this the most? New players? Getting 13 cubes a day from 3 henir runs + GoD is not what I'd call profitable per character, even for a new player, specially since the gear they have would cause longer henir times or failure. And as Sylar points out, the henir exchange will be removed so it will be even less profitable later. That's a no, so perhaps older players who saved thousands of compressed darkness and when they rise up in price decide to sell them, wouldn't you say they could benefit heavily from this? I could certainly sell my thousands for a quick couple of billions and not have to do anything since I already have them in my posession. So who exactly is benefitting from this again? How dare that person indeed, it's not like you have thousands of compressed darkness in your inventory right now and would heavily appreciate the increase in price, right? And perhaps after you sell them off, you could suggest the staff to lower the exchange rate again so you could get them back for a far lower price. I'm not accussing you of anything here, I'm just saying that this money making method is absolute trash and the only beneficiaries of this are hoarders while newer players get screwed heavily. If kept this way forever it will just cause a drought where we pay 500k+ per compressed darkness and there won't be enough to go around causing more suggestions like this one to pop up. Oh and before you try to make the claim that there will be profit by then, the law of supply and demand dictates that the higher the price, the lower the demand, I doubt you know someone ecstatic to pay 1m+ for a newt when 1 month ago he could get it for 100k. The only ones who will buy are rich people or desperate people, so it's a matter of who can undercut the other more and more to be able to get some profit. Had you suggested a decrease to a point where prices rise enough for it to be profitable and most people would buy it, then I would agree with you, but it just looks like you're trying to make a quick buck here.
  5. It's a shame that there is no agree on some, disagree on others choice on the poll. There definitely are some good ideas here and some which aren't as great, in my opinion of course. I'm on board with suggestions 1 to 3, 4 and 5 show some issues, allow me to explain. The value of pvp coins should be consistent and getting better to reward player's diligence. With the exchange values given here, it ruins salt exchange completely, there is no reason to ever gather salts as the rewards for pvp coins are far better. A level 9 amulet for 15 coins would make their prices drop significantly and giant shining stones for 20 would do the same, but it also falls under the 'it is not consistent category' as the last reward is 100 flame marks. As of today, the price of a level 9 amulet is above 100 million, same for giant shining stones, yet there is a 5 coins difference in price. Sure the market could adjust, but it also ruins raids as a method to get ED from mystics. As for the last exchange, 100 flame marks represent 250 Battle Elixirs (~125m), 1500 Fossil Potions/Red-Bean Sherbet (~150m but price is inconsistent). I would change the coin amount needed and change the rewards with something else as it would otherwise disrupt the raiding market heavily. Lastly, if you were to keep the amounts low, then take off the salt for PvP coin exchange. For suggestion 5 you run into the issue of ruining current content (PvP chairs). I read the reasoning as well and I have to disagree on some of it; PvP is nerfing enhancements and making sparring gear stronger and cheaper to get (I mean the +10 version of them), meaning that higher tier weapons aren't as good as before, but still great. I would offer the option of doing PvE to improve upon your PvP and PvE gear and let PvP offer rewards that benefit both PvP and PvE as well. The main problem with this is that PvE is more rewarding in terms of monetary gain; 1 Debrian Laboratory takes 3 minutes and gets you 1 million ED + other miscellaneous drops and the possibility of a good tear. In a 3v3 match you have to wait a while just to get into a match and then fight for around 4 minutes, even if you kill everyone you only do 60% of a quest that yields 1 salt, valued at ~1m + some AP for a cube that may or may not give me something good. Revamp the current reward system and even the quests would help make it more profitable and rewarding than sitting on my ass for hours waiting on queue. In conclusion what I wanted to say is that adding the flames of judgement weapon as an exchange to pvp a bad idea despite taking ages to get. #FundA+11AmuletToLordAurora kthanksbye
  6. How many an hour roughly? Around 100 Which Dungeon? Energy Fusion Theory Drop rate medal or sockets? None
  7. Switching to a different channel might help with the lagg. Both AP and OPt are equally viable in PvE, why not use both?
  8. I find certain channels lagging more than others, I had to change my home channel from 2 to 3 since the lagg was unbearable. Several times trying to log into channel 2 the character selection screen would freeze or sometimes it would let me log in but I couldn't even see my character nor move or talk. I haven't found this issue in other channels.
  9. Will the void weapon be bankshareable?
  10. New costumes or cosmetics won't make a big difference, LoW made a difference because of the demand, the supply just couldn't keep up. No IM item has ever had a big impact that made people load up like crazy, this scenario is very unlikely. If 8:100 is our equilibrium point then there are people willing to pay 10:100, basic economics, not to mention returning players that don't plan on loading but will buy EC from others. What's the point of selling at 7:100 if you'll get buyers you want at 8:100 regardless? Losing potential money is a very bad business model, that's how most EC sellers think, is that good enough as a suppliers' perspective? You'd need too many EC sellers selling at lower rates for it to go down or players not being able to afford the current rates. At this moment neither is happening.
  11. Welcome to the server, it's nice to see you're being so positive towards us and hope you have a great time here!
  12. Did you read the supply and demand part? I'm guessing no, but it's not like I'm studying for economics or have common sense so what should I know? No, the Diabla and Trans part will not make people load up like crazy to bring rates back to 5-7, specially if the trans stuff is free which most likely, will be. You forgot to mention reason 4: Merchers. Self explanatory. There are a lot of additional reasons but those should be the big ones. I guess lack of constant updates it's a problem too. The void staff should be able to provide content a few weeks after it was released on the official, but we're about 6 months behind. Giving us level caps or new dungeons should be easy and would keep the server alive for a while longer and maybe solve part of the supply problem. I'd love to see your insights on how we can fix the eco and other things.
  13. xx loop is the most efficient thing to do Fancyness:
  14. We need more WSs tbh, gotta revive that dead class + she looks cute af in the maid outfit.
  15. Hi Kim, pleased to have you in this server, enjoy your stay. Cats are cute af.