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  1. it's gonna be decline besides i know my method about how to lvl.
  2. trust no one but gl in the future.
  3. i rather fight someone in the dark alley in real life tbh.
  4. already knew it's gonna happen but weba person.
  5. bye person enjoy your life.
  6. happy birthday kei kei

  7. it's always online dating here the thing don't do online dating if your partner is gonna use you trust your instinct next time.
  8. gl man also gl experiance the 3rd job in KR oh and don't expose yourself.
  9. bye let the pain flow throught you.
  10. welcome to a Void Rebellion Kei Kei Solo will give you the rules.

  11. few dungeons are easy but it will get harder in your journey btw welcome to the forums.
  12. welcome as my friend colin said pvp is died due to op ppl in this game u can get costumes for pvp and El resonance points for their advantage well hope you have fun in the game.