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  1. Hi c: Just a quick question : Do the weapon drop rate is also doubled in Add Dungeon or is it only for the shards ?
  2. Orchestra

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    Okay thanks ! I'm at 4,42 GB actually so i got nervous >< (edit : yes i meant download via the launcher, sorry. Still tks)
  3. Orchestra

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    Hi and thanks Void for the update ! I have a question, since it's the first time i download such a big update via the manual patch : If my Internet connection give me up, do the launcher will re-download the patch entirely or it will be faster ? (sorry for my bad english >< )
  4. Chung, he was my first main, but especially Iron Paladin
  5. Orchestra

    Character specific board search

    Write "Ain's" in the search bar, for exemple.
  6. Orchestra

    [2/7/17] Void V2.0 - Discussion Thread

    I LOVE YOU VOID !!!!
  7. Orchestra

    Light Resistance

    go 499 light resist.
  8. Orchestra

    comportement pvp

    C'est comme ça sur tout les serveurs et tout les jeux. met toi simplement en canal guilde et apprend à ignorer. Avec le temps ça ne pose plus problème, on en rigole même
  9. Orchestra

    Launcher down again!?!

    me too :c