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  1. some 1v1 official for the fun and the daily quests : A uselag fag, a salty runner, a karma bag, a flying witch and an overgear. Please make more sparring room guys :c
  2. Same. I'm only doing 1v1 but most of the time it's only Laby, Flying Kite or Karma. Sometimes you can find some very good player to fight so be patient. :c
  3. I started with Deadly Chaser when Chung was released in EU. i have always mained Chung since then but i changed class a lot. In void it was Chung again (same story with class change) and Raven (Reckless Fist).
  4. I started with Deadly Chaser. I was attract by the little "new" under chung's portrait ><
  5. Hi c: Just a quick question : Do the weapon drop rate is also doubled in Add Dungeon or is it only for the shards ?
  6. Okay thanks ! I'm at 4,42 GB actually so i got nervous >< (edit : yes i meant download via the launcher, sorry. Still tks)
  7. Hi and thanks Void for the update ! I have a question, since it's the first time i download such a big update via the manual patch : If my Internet connection give me up, do the launcher will re-download the patch entirely or it will be faster ? (sorry for my bad english >< )
  8. Chung, he was my first main, but especially Iron Paladin
  9. Write "Ain's" in the search bar, for exemple.