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  1. hey fag you never added my discord:(((

  2. ca9.gif

    1. JJ™


      no its my reaction when I see void hasnt had any update revolving around raid or even balance patches

    2. JJ™


      not really, I just expected them to decode it by now

  3. I wanna bleach my eyeballs for I have seen something I cant unsee

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    2. JJ™


      I was scrolling through random

      I fucking regret everything

      they took it down bless

    3. Hamisi


      Annnnd I realized what you saw... 

    4. JJ™
  4. gang gang


  5. Scratch the farewell, this is an update on my farewell. I was mailed my HL combo so I can continue to play, although I am still missing the 1.5b+. I changed my name on my main to MrFiasco. That is how I will be referred to from now on, and I already know who did it I am planning on creating a solution
  6. ye thing is I have no clue who did it, but if the staff can check trade logs, mail logs, and the IP tags, they can find out. I already provided them the info they need :~)
  7. So, this is ign; TacticalOrgy, Dated, Repugnant, HiImJJ, OrgyMaster, and iCancer. I am going to be taking my leave seeing how my account was raided over 4.5b in ED and IBs. I am known in sparring as JJ. I was a TacticalTrooper, but guess that was a kick in the dick to force me to quit and leave. Peace everyone.
  8. Taii

    cheek skype fool

  9. im fucking dead 

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    2. JJ™


      who the fuck queersenpai 

    3. Scientia


      My GrM wannabe ;c

    4. JJ™


      o Katie im bored 

  10. im dead inside jose

  11. Im fucking dead inside


    1. Scientia


      I was so hoping for this to be a necro—nope nvm. We're all dead or dying inside, welcome to the club friend-o.

  12. t lets throw some more add x ciel in this thread