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  1. +1 I want to know the people who even voted no, I see no drawback from this whatsoever. Maybe the only one really is a single day delay for big updates?
  2. Personally, I don't know why some of you want to have irl currency as a prize. There are "games" for that out there, not in bloody Elsword of all things.
  3. Alternatively, they're not using real life currencies as a reward because of all the differentiating currencies around the world. This is an international private server after all. If they were to use real life currencies, it'd be a hassle for them to convert it to whatever amount the prize was. Not to mention, the hassle of sending that currency to the winner safely and securely. Plus, delivering it to the winner personally in that manner would likely give out the address to Void HQ, I doubt Ran wants that as long as she breathes.
  4. The Apink Card Revamp was nice and all, but That will save so many minutes of painstakingly only being able to take 10 fluorites each
  5. This has already been denied multiple times due to officials having not done it yet and a slew of technical problems if Void were to do it. The Apoc Weapon stage loss bank share anyone? I'm neutral on this though. On one hand, it'd save a whole lot of money and time. On the other, it'd kill the purpose of Heroic armors and the market may see a significant rise in the valuable tears since you only need one if it were implemented.
  6. Spar weapons exist you know. It's way more bad when said +11 player jumps into a spar match when literally everyone else isn't using their gear.
  7. Come one, come all, beat this dead horse as much times as you like. For every time you hit it, it screams pay to win. Your family members, cousins, friends and many more know this fun festival attraction. Try it now for the lowly cost of common sense.
  8. Met a person who couldn't for the life of him jump past pits in 12-4. That's the type of person to complain about platforming in Adrian's Palace being an issue.
  9. Name/Nickname: Recu(i aint good with nicknames) IGN: Rectum Main/Alt: Alt Char+Class: Raven/Rage Hearts Timezone: HAST Why would you like to join this guild? First off, that guild name is phenomenal. Secondly, the name with my raven's ign is perfect. Also, I need a guild for that old lad to settle in that isn't super serious. Plus, no matter how much I settle in with my main, I always go back to my good ol roots. Basically, i'll be pretty active with him.
  10. +1 It'd be like a step up from HR weap instead of having to go HR weap and then straight to grinding your life away for apoc weap. Plus, that Perki effect proc is one of my favorites in the game
  11. There was a suggestion thread way back and it was declined by Ran herself
  12. +1 I'm more than certain I necro'd my BlM guide, that I abandoned, before. Yet I didn't get slammed with the lock hammer, odd.
  13. More of a nitpick than something that actually grinds my gears. So i'm queing for Heroics cuz I need that +9 ammy and the char im using is decently undergeared. There's two types of people when they see someone like that: Just speed on through, carrying him or her/Full on flex those sparkles