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  1. tbh it could be like what they did with the job promo or raven arms
  2. Let me know your thoughts! genuinely, as for myself i'd love to have that addition as Code Esencias Idle pose is just beauty but im a CS xd
  3. Hey guys, its Kai im back Im back onto the game now and my main is a Code Sariel! My new IGN is Shong, so feel free to add me in game ~ Welp, thats it hope we'll see each other in game
  4. Jewelry


  5. Jewelry


    Hey guys, It's Kai here. Ive decided to quit this game after playing it for a good 3 years or so.. I just don't enjoy the game as much anymore, logging on just to dress up my character and then logging off. Really sucks honestly. Being geared practically has no fun in it anymore. A lot of people know me as Kai as thats what ive been called for 3 years. I will miss every one of my friends. @Miie +11 when @Wonho ill never release Moon! @Nattie win all them VDs! And to the rest of you all, I wish you guys will shine bright and I wish you all the best. Well thats it guys. I hope everyone will enjoy their stay in Void. Ya boi Kai's Out. I'll be on discord more. I'm closing my eyes#7649
  6. LMAO but yeah it seems like it would be a whole lot of fun dressing up champions tbh
  7. Contest: Void's DesignerTheme: League of Legends Dressup!Description: How would you dressup your character as your favourite champion in League of Legends? ~~
  8. have we ever had a league of legend champion dress up? i feel like that would be a cool theme for VD ~~ What do ya'll think
  9. Jewelry

    Hello! c:

    welcome back to the game! if you need any pvp help always do let me know! i hope you enjoy your stay this time
  10. Jewelry

    Time to say Bye Bye

    goodbye and take good care of yourself! and have fun with whatever you plan to do in the future
  11. Jewelry

    lol bye or whatever

    Honestly, you seem like a good guy to me. I dont understand why do people have so much hate on you, oh well good luck in your future my dude, take care