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  1. goodluck to wherever your doing in the future. I told you shouldve sold me Heart
  2. anna ou-

    1. Otto


      anna coo-

    2. Britney


      anna structoo-

  3. thats the whole point of raid though, it would lose complete value if you make the accessories tradeable. Its an reward for all the hard work going through raid its similar to the FoJ but thats just my point of opinion
  4. why u buying everyones igns but mine .

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    2. Britney


      it hurts me.. have u even seen them

    3. Otto



      you should show me owo

    4. Britney


      check disc u gay ass

  5. i mean, yall know were gonna be spamming 12-8 after this anyways cause we all tryna get to 400 or 500 erp so i dont think the boost would matter much lmao
  6. Hey, I can't message you so I just wanted to ask you a question.

    I might be buying the IGN Hug soon, and I wanted to have the same forum username. Would you be willing to let me use it if I do buy it? I'm just afraid people will get us mixed up.

    Sorry for bothering you.

  7. welcome back and enjoy your stay!
  8. welcome! i'm Kai welcome to voidels, hope you enjoy your stay! CHICKEN WAFFLES ARE THE BEST
  9. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay
  10. Otto

    Hi again

    welcome back! MAIN ROSE hope you catch up with the game!
  11. welcome to void! ~~better be a PO main~~
  12. tbh it could be like what they did with the job promo or raven arms