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  1. DelayedShot

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Yeah I know, I just rushed a bit since I couldn't get on after for a bit & I wanted to use my AD Cannon to make it somehow even like so: 2 AD, 2 PDr & 2 SR, But yeah thanks for reminding/letting me know. EDIT: I previously wanted to use the same pieces I used for my profile cover
  2. DelayedShot

    Base Promo Set Suggestion,New Mounts at Naeun & More

    I don't see why we need to add 'Lord of Inferno' mount when you already get one from the Lv. 80 cube :T The Novice Adventurer Equipment Cube cannot be removed, since it's part of Ruben's story quest, so Void can't really remove it :/ (they can, but not necessarily needed) In my opinion the Elrios Noir starter set is like a "part" of Void and kinda suits it, but a change to the starter costume won't hurt tbh (like how they changed from Star Academy costume(?) to Elrios Noir) These are only my opinions uwu"
  3. DelayedShot

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Alright, thanks ^^
  4. DelayedShot

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @Structure Can I use the word 'Ruby' instead or 'Red' in my VD Entry?
  5. DelayedShot

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Alright, will do when I can >w<" EDIT: Don't know how I missed that... (should've been bold and big x.x") EDIT2: Done xwx
  6. DelayedShot

    [Winter Event Goals] Did you reach them?

    I would say I got nearly everything that I wanted for me and Bae from this event + it gave me a motivation to run Add's Fusion Dungeon for energy shards (got another weapon in the process :3) since it was the fastest way for me to farm those apples. Would say this event was the best Christmas event I had :3 Items List: Can't wait for next year!
  7. DelayedShot

    Training Items For Our Beloved Pets!!!

    +1 I would love to see some of my adult pets as their infant form (ex: Uniring! >u<), but one question though... How/From where you will be able to buy those items? Naeun? Ariel? Also... for the consumables CD I think it should be at least 1.5minutes(90sec) or 2minutes(120secs) that's my suggestion/idea, please don't kill me for it qwq This thread is pretty old o: hope this post is okay ;w; since last bump was at December 23th >w<
  8. DelayedShot


    It already got suggested together with many costumes in this thread: Edit: Those stick weapons you see around sometimes Ex Lu's:
  9. +1, but one question... will it be the same amount of tickets to get the costume/cube? or change it a bit? o.o
  10. DelayedShot

    [NAEUN] 2nd job change promo cube

    Bump~ Edit: Some 2nd job promos aren't that bad uvu
  11. DelayedShot

    Difficulty Spike?

    I'm not quite sure this will count, but... Heroic Dungeons~ and that was before I even had a good gear, not to speak about decent x.x hated maya and ran so much
  12. I positioned them that way because I got used to have my consumable/items above my skills (from other games) Thanks ^u^, I'm still gearing my DC up and still trying to be a good one too
  13. LF> More DCs Completion Time screenies :c (2:09) [Skills spam OP]: *NEW* Best time: 1:45 || Average time: 1:50 - 2:10 Stats:
  14. DelayedShot

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    Free bump~ *patiently waits for ADvD Hair Chung to be stored in MW*
  15. DelayedShot

    [Official] Void V2.2 - Discussion Thread

    *sees V2.2* Reaction: