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  1. free bump (This thread is too interesting to let it fade away. Hope it gets answered soon.) I have no questions atm, but if i do i will edit my post.
  2. Tbh i just want the wings & crown, but with roughly 150m in my pocket... i guess i won't be able to afford it. I am definitely not ready.
  3. Thank you Void Team for the Update. Recently i try to come back to Elsword. (Can't give up this game after all, it was part of my life for a long time.) So i guess... hi again everyone? Even though you may not know/remember me at all. XD
  4. Almost can craft stage 6 disk and still no weapon. But i do not care tbh since you still need all 15 stages anyway. Happy grinding everyone. c':
  5. Fixed my post and added the stuff that needs to stay away from ED Burner as well~.
  6. Warning: Long list ahead. If i get more ideas, i will add them or change something. Edit 04/23/17: Removed Black Lonely Wolf Costume from list, added Unknown Eldrit Shard & also stuff that should be removed from ED Burner.
  7. I wish there would be a crafting method like at Naeun with the +9 scroll, but for a untradeable +10. Anything else is rich exclusive atm since +10 are 3-4b if you want to afford one. Blacksmith got expensive over time as well since the price of materials you can get on board are skyrocketing atm. With TH you have to pray to RNG god to get crystals. I want a +10 too but for now it seems impossible without big amounts of money.
  8. RIP IC's. They did a great job giving everyone a chance for a full set even though your pullrate was...shit. - OT: Loading EC? Nope, not doing that anymore. Nor is buying IB from others an option for me, even though it's just 10m per. My luck isn't anything like Ramen's or Radrael's so i rather grind the ED and wait until there are the desired pieces for the desired character on board.
  9. This would be too good to be true. Let's hope it turn out like this. But i guess it will rather turn out like every rotation, no matter if the pulls rate are better. Cause CM is new. And with all the new things coming, be it a character, or a from the majority wished IB, prices will rise. This is how is usually works sadly.
  10. Still you need to spend money to get and sell EC. I want to do it on the 100% non-money way. Not even selling a 100$ code for 4-5b.
  11. I am not complaining though. I am determined enough this time, when CM comes out or another IB i like in the future, that i will grind for it instead of loading up 100$ and more. I just don't want to load EC and burn IB's anymore cause a. Your chance of obtaining a full IB through IC's is gone, since they removed them. b. My rng sucks. The last time i burned was when Arch Priest came out and boi... my pull rate was bs. You can't even call it decent with 20 pieces out of 700+ IB's i was very salty that day i admit. I hope as well that the IB pieces for CM will not skyrocket that much. That's why i aim for the 4/5 first, like someone suggested here. And if that happens, i try to wait until the first two weeks are over, even though it will be hard since i want that set. I like Elesis too. Actually enjoyed playing BH before the huge character renewals. But atm i am #TeamEve. CBS is a lot of fun. <3
  12. This is a good rule tbh, i will keep it in mind. Yes, 100m is a good start limit, since i have like a little over 200m currently.
  13. Guys, i am really thankful for all these answers you're giving me. Q_Q Bless all of you. <3